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127: 3 + 1 Ways to Not Show Frustration with the Kids

January 16, 2017


Do you ever just get so incredibly frustrated with one or two kids?

Today’s show is all about recognizing when you are frustrated and how to deal with it. Especially, when you know that it is one kid who is really driving you nuts.



So here are my 3 + 1 ways of not showing that you are frustrated:

  1. Put something happy on the wall behind the child who frustrates you.
  2. Just before the kids arrive remind yourself of something positive about the child.
  3. Make a list of positive attributes of the child and keep that list where only you can see it and revisit it during the class.

Plus One…

Put yourself in timeout….


Really, put you in timeout...go outside, take a deep breath, watch something funny, play at recess or during lunch with the kids, or how about play an instrument with the band class or participate in an art class...See where I am going with this?




So let’s talk about 6 signs of Adult Frustration

  1. Eye rolling
  2. You take a deep breath or you sigh right before talking with one specific student
  3. Exasperated statements directed at one student
  4. Angry body language
  5. Ignoring and only responding when you finally have to
  6. Overreacting

We have to get control of ourselves.

When you recognize and admit to yourself that the kid is driving you nuts then you need to take the steps to help you control you.

Look at my 6 signs of frustration and then take a look at my 3 + 1 ways of overcoming your frustration.

You will be glad that you did.

Have an awesome week!

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