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Eleanor Cripps shares her book “The Countess Choir Woman” - 276

January 9, 2020

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Eleanor Cripps shares her book - "The Countess Choir Woman" with us today on episode 276 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.

Imagine a wronged woman receiving a new chance at life. This is the scenario that plays out in the debut historical fiction, The Countess Choir Woman, by Eleanor Cripps. It is a dramatic and captivating real-life story from several centuries ago that resonates with many of us today.

Eleanor is sharing a unique story of an 18th-century woman who unwittingly submitted to unforeseen circumstances, and upon reaching a breaking point, chose prolonged cruel imprisonment over sacrificing her dignity. It is a moving but shocking story that has never been told. The author retells it in her book: The Countess Choir Woman.

The Countess Choir Woman is an authentic look at Austria in the 1700s and the history of the famed Abbey of Goss (a contemplative order of choir women from noble families) as a tale of morality, courage, and conviction to one’s faith.

Eleanor, who hails from the Austrian town of Loeben, discovered the historical events that inspired the book at a class reunion. 

Born in Austria, she learned English, French, and Italian. She worked for five years in South Africa and then worked for two years in Myanmar as a trilingual secretary and a delegate for the German Trade Information Service.  

She later lectured about Hinayana Buddhism before taking a job with the now-defunct Pan Am World Airways. She migrated to America and got her real estate license, serving the industry for 30 years. She now resides in Falls Church, Virginia.

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