Mark C Perna and Answering Why - 216

October 12, 2018



Mark C. Perna is the founder and CEO of TFS (Tools for Schools) in Cleveland, Ohio, a full-service strategic consulting firm whose mission is to share and support every client’s passion for making a difference. Today we are talking about his book - Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations, which was written to help educators, employers, and parents understand Generations Y and Z and inspire them to greater performance in all areas of life.

As an international expert on Generations Y and Z, Mark has devoted his career to empowering educators and employers to unleash the tremendous potential of today’s young people, both in the classroom and on the job.

Parents, schools, districts, businesses, and state organizations across North America have successfully used Mark’s insights and strategies to connect more effectively with the younger generations.

A dynamic and motivational public speaker, Mark frequently delivers keynote speeches at national and statewide events. He has published numerous articles in national publications as a recognized voice in student engagement and success.

Mark is passionate about the mission that he has created for himself. You will hear his energy and drive as we talk.

Check out his comments about his favorite line from Apollo 13 (the movie) and tell me that it doesn't become your favorite line as he explains why he remembers it.

Lots to learn. His book is easy to read and is written such that you want to keep reading.

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Check out the links below to find out more about Mark, his book Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations, and so much more.


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Julia Freeland Fisher and Who You Know -215

October 5, 2018

Who_You_Know_cover_300.jpg  Julia_Freeland_Fisher_300.jpg

 Julia Freeland Fisher is the author of Who You Know: Unlocking Innovations That Expand Students’ Networks (Wiley, 2018). The book focuses on emerging tools and practices that leverage technology to radically expand who students know – their stock of “social capital” – by enhancing their access to and ability to navigate new peer, mentor, and professional networks.

Julia is the director of education research at the Clayton Christensen Institute. She leads a team that educates policymakers and community leaders on the power of disruptive innovation in the K-12 and higher education spheres through its research.

Join us as we have an awesome conversation concerning the importance of teaching kids about the power of connecting with others - networking. One of the awesome takeaways is that the teaching of networking needs to go beyond the skills and actually focus on helping the students find and become part of networks that they may have very little or no access to without help. 

Who You Know: Unlocking Innovations That Expand Students’ Networks is an excellent read that will make you want to start counting the ways that you can integrate networking into your daily plans. This was an awesome talk that opened my eyes to a very real need.

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Classroom Management: Shh-ing and Pleading Does Not Work - 214

September 27, 2018


Getting better at classroom management requires that you be specific in who you address for what off-task behaviors and that you handle it now. Today, I am talking about the inability of more shhh-ing and pleading to help you manage student behaviors in your class. Instead, you need to follow the next three guidelines:

1. Go to the specific person(s)

2. Follow your rules and consequences

3. Don't ignore the real issues

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Length - 24:25


Steve Miletto Shares His 3 Thoughts About Taking Attendance - 213

September 21, 2018


Taking attendance may seem like a mundane topic, but it is a requirement that must be completed else you might discover that the kids will get caught up in issues as I mentioned in episode 212.

If you develop a good procedure for taking attendance the process will help you (the classroom teacher) learn the names of the kids faster which pays off in behavior management and developing relationships with the kids.

So, one procedure that helps extremely old school, but it still works. It's called the seating chart. It can help you save time. Here are my three thoughts about taking attendance:

1. Use a seating chart

2. Use a sheet protector

3. Get it done

I didn't have my own classroom for a bunch of years and had to travel from classroom to classroom. I had a cart and put all of my stuff in it. A veteran teacher taught me how to use this procedure to save time. He was so right and you will see that it will work for you, too.

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Taking Attendance Using a Seating Chart

Episode 212 - Classroom Attendance: It's Important to Pay Attention and Follow-up


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Classroom Attendance: It’s Important to Pay Attention and Follow-up - 212

September 14, 2018

Steve Miletto talks about attendance.

Keeping accurate classroom attendance is very important. It may not sound like a fun topic but it is one that needs to be taken seriously.

Frequently, it is not given the attention that it needs, Some colleagues may even try to pass off the responsibility to a trusted student (Don't do this.)

Today, I share 7 thoughts about taking attendance and especially explain why follow-up with a student and his family is important when the student misses class. I share a couple of stories that show exactly what can happen if the adults do not address that "sneaking suspicion" that something is just not right.

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Length - 22:24