132: Fishing and Protecting Alaska with Anders Gustafson

February 20, 2017


Anders Gustafson is a fishing guide, wilderness protector, and entrepreneur. Wait for it...in Alaska! He is a father and husband. He has made an incredible life for himself by not following the program. Listen and you will hear him explain what not following the program means.


Recently, I had an amazing experience. It was life-changing. It was a vacation that made me take a deep breath and go ...WOW! We took a family trip to fish in Alaska. Five of the days were spent on the Mulchatna River with a fishing camp where we were focused on catching King Salmon. Anders is a guide with this camp. He is not just any guide...he is amazing! He is a great teacher. He is patient. He gets to know who is fishing in his boat. He has a wonderful sense of humor. He listens and helps you solve your problems. Most importantly, he helps you catch fish, especially the mighty King Salmon! 


The only way to get to where we were is to fly by float plane to the river (yes, you actually land on the river. Loved it!) There were no people other than those running the camp, the guides, and the anglers. The only electricity was from generators and it was used for the eating tents, cook tent, and the freezers, otherwise you had no power. There also was no wi-fi or cellular connectivity! It was beautiful! No one could get in touch with us. We were in the middle of the wilderness surrounded by wild blueberry plants and so many signs of bear activity. There were bald eagles and signs of caribou and moose. There were beaver. I had always heard of tundra now I was on it. The daylight stayed with us until almost two am (Check out my picture below.). We used outhouses and even though there was a shower tent, I opted to just do quick hair and face washes and brushed my teeth. Hey, it was only 5 days. 


Anders is an amazing outdoorsman who has had the opportunity to protect the very wilderness that he hunts and fishes. Recently, there was a mining operation that wanted to remove copper from the area. After a three year long war (which included testifying in Washington, DC.), Anders was successful in keeping the mining operation out. He helped to save the wild. Unfortunately, it looks like that battle is about to begin again. You will hear Anders talk about his battles, wins, and losses.  


I think that you will enjoy listening to Anders and if you close your eyes he paints a picture of the wilderness with every word. Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

Connect with Anders through his Facebook page:



Length: 1:09:27


131: Learning Centers with Tammy Cook

February 12, 2017


Tammy Cook is a 3rd grade teacher at East Laurens Elementary School in Laurens County, Georgia.

She currently is in her 20th year of teaching.

Her career has been in two school systems where she spent 9 years in Wilkinson County and now she is in her 11th in Laurens County.

Most of her career has been teaching 3rd graders although she has taught 5th grade.


I have had the opportunity to watch Tammy teach a couple of times and she is a master at using learning centers as well as getting the kids to know what is expected of them.

Her transitions are smooth and the kids can't wait to get started on their centers. 


She has everything color-coded. There are buckets, folders, and pouches. The kids know what their team is and look forward to the day when it is their turn to be the team leader and get to wear the pouch.


You will hear us talk about getting the kids to transition with little prodding, the make-up of her learning centers, her use of peer evaluation, as well as a chart that she uses to record her thoughts about how each student is doing.


Tammy's enthusiasm for working with kids comes shining through from the beginning of the interview to the end.

I hope that you will take some of her ideas and give them a try.

Your kids will thank you.



Length: 30:42



130: Rock and Roll Academy with Mark Galbo

February 5, 2017


Mark Galbo is the CEO and founder of Rock and Roll Academy.

Mark has been an educator and artist for over 30 years.

From private schools in Boston to reservation schools in Arizona, Mark has had the opportunity to work with students and educators in a diverse array of settings.

As a musician, Mark collaborated with a wide variety of successful artists in film, record production, and live performance.

Mark founded Rock and Roll Academy in 2003. The program has grown from one school in Colorado to over twenty schools in Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, and California.



Rock and Roll Academy is a hands-on music program that emphasizes social emotional learning through a project based experience of playing in a band. There are no auditions and no previous music experience is required. Rock and Roll Academy students form bands, choose their own music, and self-direct their learning.


The kids comment that they feel welcome and that they do not judge each other. They are encouraged to take risks and try. They like being part of Rock and Roll Academy and it inspires them to get more involved in school.

I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Mark. You will hear us talk about his background and Rock and Roll Academy. We focus on how the program works and how the adults get involved.

I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Mark. You will hear us talk about his background and Rock and Roll Academy. We focus on how the program works and how the adults get involved.



Check out the links below for more information and to connect with Mark.


Connect with Mark and learn more about Rock and Roll Academy:




Rock and Roll Academy Facebook Page

Mark Galbo on Twitter

Length: 43:31


129: Positive Athlete with Ryan Pederson

January 30, 2017



It is awesome when an organization takes time to work with kids and to recognize what magic they can make happen.

It is also wonderful when a company makes it's purpose to celebrate those young people. 

Positive Athlete does just that.

 Today, I am talking with Ryan Pederson who is the Director of Partnerships and Programming for Positive Athlete. He shares with us the history of Positive Athlete and its vision and focus.


 I really like this statement from the Positive Athlete website:

"Positive Athlete is a movement by high-character professional athletes tied to professional and collegiate sports teams to celebrate young athletes who have overcome difficult circumstances, give back to their communities, or have an infectious attitude that positively affects those around them."

Too often young people are portrayed by modern media as being negative and uncaring. This image is not true. Postive Athlete brings that to light.

 Anyone can nominate a young person, take a look at the end of the show notes for links to understand more and to nominate.



 Connect and find out more:

Connect with Ryan at rpederson@celebratepositive.com







Also, you can connect on Twitter @PositiveAthGA and

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/PositiveAthGA/


During the interview Ryan mentioned Dave Ramsey's book "Total Money Makeover" as a book everyone should read. Here are links to that book and to Dave's website.

Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover

Dave Ramsey's website


Length: 35:47


128: The Reading Intervention Toolkit with author Laura Robb

January 22, 2017



Laura Robb is an author, teacher, and coach and speaker. 

She has more than 40 years of teaching in grades 4-8.

She has written more than 25 books on literacy.

Today, we are talking about her book The Reading Intervention Toolkit.

Check out my review of The Reading Intervention Toolkit.




This book will help you understand how to address the reading challenges of your students.

It is designed for the classroom teacher to quickly put strategies for reading intervention immediately into place in the classroom. 

It is easy to read and understand.




Laura believes that addressing the reading challenges of the kids is probably one of the most important steps a teacher can take to increasing student achievement and success in content areas.

This book was written for the practitioner. It will help you move your kids forward. 




Listen to my review of Laura's The Reading Intervention Toolkit


Connect with Laura and find out more:

Laura's Website

Here is my YouTube Review about The Reading Intervention Toolkit by Laura

My interview with Laura about her book Vocabulary is Comprehension

Shell Education phone number for ordering multiple copies 1-800-858-7339 ext 169

Shell Education's Website to find out more about The Reading Intervention Toolkit

Take a look at The Reading Intervention Toolkit by Laura (Amazon)

Here is a link to Laura's foundation

Take a look at Vocabulary is Comprehension by Laura Robb

Connect with Laura on Twitter

Connect with Laura on Facebook



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