Brian Mendler: Motivating and Managing Hard to Reach, Disruptive Students

November 25, 2013

Brian Mendler was a kid who created challenges for teachers. As an adult, he became a special education teacher and now teaches teachers and administrators how to work with kids like him. He is the author of the book The Taming of the Crew which provides educators with easy to use strategies for preventing and responding to difficult, disruptive, defiant and unmotivated behavior. 

He is engaging! His commentary is amazing and his sessions are thought provoking! 

This interview took place right after an all day session (We were talking as he was traveling to the airport.) where he was working with an audience primarily composed of special education teachers. The energy of the audience was non-stop as Brian gave them ideas about working with kids who are difficult to teach and engage in positive ways in a classroom. 

You can Google his name and you will find links that lead to his video clips.
You can also find him on FaceBook and Twitter at Brian Mendler.
Finally take a look at the company that sponsors him called The Teacher Learning Center. Find that website at

Enjoy and be prepared to learn!

Suzy Pepper Rollins: Math in the Fast Lane

November 13, 2013

Suzy Pepper Rollins has created a focus on making math engaging and exciting for kids. Her Math in the Fast Lane is a framework for helping teachers build the capacity of their students to be successful in math in the K-12 classrooms. Find her on the web at

What is a RESA?

November 13, 2013

This is the first episode. It is focused on explaining what a RESA is, its history, and its purpose. (RESA stands for Regional Educational Service Agency).  The interviews will focus on individuals who have important information to share with educators to help them address the needs of kids. Future episodes will feature educators like Suzy Pepper Rollins, Dr. Tim McNamara, Brian Mendler, Dr. Mark Wilson, and Dr. Larry Cuban.