Episode 50! Accident Avoidance Workshops with Jeffrey Stillwell

March 30, 2015


This is Episode 50! Wow!!!

I can’t believe that we have made it here!

So imagine that as you listen to this podcast that confetti is falling from the sky and there are horns blowing!!! Yea!!!

I have a special one for you today as I am talking with…


Jeffrey Stillwell…Founder of Accident Avoidance Workshops.  Also, known as Homer… (make sure that you catch where he got that nickname…)

He is a professional driving instructor who specializes in teaching teens but also adults how to deal with the situations which are potential accident causing! He is credentialed and recognized by many organizations like… he is a AAA Approved Driving School and certified by the National Defensive Driving Institute as well as supported by Bristol and Atlanta Motor Speedways, The Weather Channel, and Volkswagen of Chattanooga.


He is an amazing instructor who connects with the kids and families.

If you were to ask his students to describe him they would use words like Fun-Funny-Inspiring-Caring and just a wonderful Nut!

He has a background in suspension construction and racing and has been the track announcer at Bristol Motor Speedway! (Check out his voice…definitely grabs your attention!)


He also is a semi-professional slot car racer…you’ll hear us talk about that toward the end of the show.

Jeffrey takes great pride in his instructional practices and that he is potentially saving lives.

You will learn so much from listening and I encourage you to seek to bring him to your community! Make sure that you see how he will team with your school as a fund raiser.


Check out the testimonials on his web site here http://www.accidentavoidanceworkshops.org/testimonials.html

As a former high school principal, I set up the training for two communities…I highly recommend him and his services to you and your children.

(As a note, this is not a paid endorsement nor do I or Teaching Learning Leading K12 receive any monetary or other remuneration from AAW for my comments or the show.)


You can find out more information at


email Homer at info@accidentavoidanceworkshops.org or call 770-262-7009

Follow him on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/accidentAvoidance


Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/AccidentAvoidanceWorkshops


Length - 39:13

Episode 49: Quick Tech Tip… VideoLan Media Player

March 17, 2015


On today's show, David and I talk about VLC or VideoLan.

VLC is a free-open source cross platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.
As an Open Source player it is available to users with no financial obligation... although, the producers would like you to donate to them so that they can continue to develop VLC and work on new projects.
VLC (VideoLan) has many features. Check out this list below. (By the way, Teaching Learning Leading K12 does not have a financial obligation to or an affiliation with VideoLan.) It is an amazing opensource tool that will liberate you from other players that have built in issues. 
Check it out...we use it on all of our equipment and are truly amazed at the power of this tool. 


Length: 13:36

Episode 48: Dr. Mark Wilson - iPrincipal

March 4, 2015


Dr. Mark Wilson is the founder of The Educational Leadership Group. You may remember that I interviewed him way back at Episode  8 . He is the Georgia Principal of the Year for 2008 and the National Principal of the Year of 2009!


Today we are starting a new monthly segment called iPrincipal.


Check out his TED Talk

He is a teacher, coach, consultant, public speaker and now an author. His book will soon be available but you get a sneak peek into it by joining us for these monthly segments.

Connect with Mark on twitter @ MarkWilsonGA and his website  http://www.markwilsoneducation.com/


Each segment will start with an “ i ” (next month is Innovate). Mark will talk and share stories about the principalship. He will provide suggestions for the school building leader in addressing the many demands of the position.

This should be an awesome opportunity for professional learning!


You can also contact Mark at

Mark.wilson.ga@gmail.com or call him at 706-474-2454

Length 17:34