Attendance - 158

August 14, 2017


 Taking attendance is very important, but it shouldn't take you more than a minute or two. If it is taking you 5 or more minutes then you may be avoiding starting class.


3 Don'ts in taking attendance:

1. Don't take 5 or more minutes to figure out who is there and who isn't.

2. Don't let kids handle.

3. Don't trust your memory.


4 Do's in taking attendance:

1. Get it done.

2. Learn their names.

3. Create a way to speed up the process and not take away from instruction.

4. Insure that you have instructions for a substitute on how you handle attendance.


4 Main thoughts about attendance:

1. Learn their names.

2. Use seating charts.

3. Start class - get the kids "playing with the ball" - then take attendance during an activity.

4. Do not delegate this to a child.



Length - 21:43


First Day of School - 157

August 8, 2017


The first day and week of school and what you need to do to be ready.

Wow! Is it that time already?

The first day and week of school are so very important. Kids and teachers, believe it or not, worry about the first day and week. Now some of these concerns might be different from each other but both have anxieties about school that first day and week.

For example,

Teachers are thinking ...

There is so much to get done.

Kids are thinking...

Will I just sit and be told what I can and can't do?

Teachers are thinking...

Will the group of kids be a good mix?

Kids are thinking...

Will I have friends in the class or will I be by myself?

Today, I am giving my thoughts about starting right. Here is my list:

1. Be prepared.

    a. Procedures

    b. Start with content (Be engaging.)

2. Increase your energy.

3. Be positive.

4. Smile.

5. Greet the kids.

6. Start using their names.

Have an awesome day and start to the year!


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Length: 20:51