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Episode 55: Capturing a Child’s Heart with Flip Flippen

Episode 55: Capturing a Child’s Heart with Flip Flippen

May 15, 2015


Flip is focused on helping kids and teachers be successful by changing behaviors and attitudes.

He is the founder and chairman of the Flippen Group, “an educator training, corporate talent, and team development company.” He is also the author of The Flip Side: Break Free of the Behaviors That Hold You Back.


“Flip developed the theory of Overcoming Personal Constraints (OPC) to accelerate personal effectiveness by identifying and breaking debilitating behavior patterns that limit performance and hinder growth.”

“The theory and practice of Overcoming Personal Constraints are being used in board rooms, locker rooms, and briefing rooms to improve individual and team performance around the world.”


On today’s show, Flip connects his thoughts to creating better relationships in the school. He and his team work with the staff and students to understand how to identify those behaviors in the school house that keep the adults and students at odds with each other.  He talks about the factors that need to be addressed to create a better school climate that will help adults and students be successful.

I think that you will really enjoy this conversation.

Flip is an amazing individual who has developed a way to reach out to many and help them overcome bad behaviors. After listening I encourage you to check out more about Flip and The Flippen Group.


Go to these links for more info:

The Flippen Group

The Flippen Group Education Blog

The Flippen Group YouTube Channel

Call 1-800-316-4311

Length: 48:40

Episode 16: B.O.S.S. United- Helping kids and families be successful with Barry Frazier and Richard Hamilton

Episode 16: B.O.S.S. United- Helping kids and families be successful with Barry Frazier and Richard Hamilton

March 26, 2014

B.O.S.S. United (Believers of Sincere Standards United, Inc)

Specializing in helping kids and families be successful!
Barry Frazier, CEO, MDIV MA LPC
Richard Hamilton, Chief Clinical officer, MA LPC
The vision for BOSS united grew out of a mentor program at Barry's undergraduate university. According to Barry, "I grew up in a very urban area that was not conducive to being successful. I wanted to give back to kids who were like me." 
During my show preparation, I ran across the term cognitive behavioral therapy on their website. This is a term that I am not quite familiar with so I asked what it meant...in my layman's version...It has to do with how they get people to change. Basically, it has to do with addressing the way a person thinks and behaves. This was a fascinating discussion to me.
I asked them to identify and talk about some of the major issues that they have to address with families. Richard explained, "Most frequently it is family conflict. The members of the family don't know how to express themselves." On top of this, they explained "children are often dealing with anger, anxiety, depression, and a lack of focus." 
They work with kids who range in ages from five to twenty, if the twenty year old is still in school.
Barry and Richard talk about how it is important to see the world through the lenses of the kids. In other words, to see and approach their behaviors from an understanding of where the kids are coming from.
They have created another aspect of B.O.S.S which is named F.O. C.U.S. (Fathers Offering Counseling Understanding and Support).
This program is designed to introduce boys to proper male role models. The group studies leadership, dress for success, anger management, speaking, addressing young ladies, as well as other topics.
When asked about advice for teachers and school administrators, Barry and Richard offered, "It  is important to be patient." They encouraged educators to revisit human growth and development writings. They suggested dusting off the books and becoming familiar with what happens at different ages. The point being that the adult will be more patient when he recognizes behavior that is typical for the age.
I learned much from this discussion. I know that you will, too!
By the way, we were in a Chick-fil-A that was fairly empty when we started the interview, but rapidly was filled with moms and kids. We were right next to the playground which added a nice nuance for a discussion about helping children and their families. At one point, there was a little boy, knocking on the glass trying to get us to look and his mom mouthing apologies as she lead him back to the slide. What a nice, happy environment! 
You can learn more about BOSS United at www.bossunited.com
Length 29:39
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