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Episode 58: iPrincipal update with Mark Wilson

Episode 58: iPrincipal update with Mark Wilson

June 12, 2015
This is my third of an on-going conversation with Dr. Mark Wilson about his book in the works called iPrincipal. 

Check out our earlier talks at Episode 48 (The Introduction), and Episode 53 (Intentional). 

Also, you can find out more about Mark and his focus on leadership at Episode 8 as well as his website
The iPrincipal...today's fully prepared and highly effective principal is inspirational.

While the iPrincipal is expected to be an instructional leader (to be discussed in another episode), to lead effective schools, principals also need to be inspirational leaders.

Inspirational Principals excel in:

1. Seeing Connections
2. Sharing Ideas Clearly
3. Seeking Opportunities

I think that you will find Mark's thoughts engaging and thought provoking.
Length: 18:00
Episode 53: iPrincipal with Dr. Mark Wilson…Intentional

Episode 53: iPrincipal with Dr. Mark Wilson…Intentional

April 30, 2015


Dr. Mark Wilson is a leader, a coach, and a teacher.

You can find out more about him by listening to Episode 8 and Episode 48 of this podcast and by going to his website.

He can often be found working with school systems across the nation as a coach, speaker, and consultant.

His book is in progress and we are previewing it here at Teaching Learning Leading K12.

The book…iPrincipal is advice based upon experience for building principals.

Last time on Episode 48 we talked about what  iPrincipal means…this week the iPrincipal is Intentional.

Mark notes that …

There are three Key Elements to being an Intentional Principal:

1.     Clear Vision

2.     Expert Planner

3.     Looks for Opportunities to Make Others Successful

Listen as Mark explains what he means…

This is awesome information for all!


Check out Mark on our other podcasts as well as his social media and website.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarkWilsonGA

You can contact Mark at Mark.wilson.ga@gmail.com or 706-474-2454.

Length: 20:47

Episode 48: Dr. Mark Wilson - iPrincipal

Episode 48: Dr. Mark Wilson - iPrincipal

March 4, 2015


Dr. Mark Wilson is the founder of The Educational Leadership Group. You may remember that I interviewed him way back at Episode  8 . He is the Georgia Principal of the Year for 2008 and the National Principal of the Year of 2009!


Today we are starting a new monthly segment called iPrincipal.


Check out his TED Talk

He is a teacher, coach, consultant, public speaker and now an author. His book will soon be available but you get a sneak peek into it by joining us for these monthly segments.

Connect with Mark on twitter @ MarkWilsonGA and his website  http://www.markwilsoneducation.com/


Each segment will start with an “ i ” (next month is Innovate). Mark will talk and share stories about the principalship. He will provide suggestions for the school building leader in addressing the many demands of the position.

This should be an awesome opportunity for professional learning!


You can also contact Mark at

Mark.wilson.ga@gmail.com or call him at 706-474-2454

Length 17:34


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