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Dr. Tim McNamara: Building the Instructional Tool Box in Math

Dr. Tim McNamara: Building the Instructional Tool Box in Math

December 13, 2013

Building the Instructional Tool Box in Math:

Dr. Tim says...

"The more students who can be actively involved the more the students get out of the time in class…Engagement lends itself to discovery…"

"When students discover they retain…students tend to hold those ideas longer…"

"Less memorizing equals more thinking..."

"Teachers should become students of mathematics…that way that they look at math problems in more than one way. They always should be learning about the ways students learn."

Tim helps teachers learn how to make math engaging! He introduces teachers to hands on activities that make students think! His classes are amazing! Teachers enjoy the opportunity to learn with him. He is a master teacher who makes teachers say, "I can do this."

I think that you will really enjoy listening to Tim. Check him out on-line at the following links:





 "Dr. Tim" is a private, in-demand, and highly-respected improvement specialist in K-12 math for educators and school districts nationwide. His 30-year career as a classroom teacher, curriculum supervisor, and assistant professor included teaching at two upstate New York schools that were both recognized by Newsweek magazine as a Top-100 American High School- one in Rochester and one in his hometown of Buffalo. He currently contributes to a variety of ongoing projects- including developing assessments for the New York State Education Department, producing webinars for the Ed Leaders Network of state administrators associations across the Midwest, and helping lead the coaching efforts of the CESA 6 Math Center with participating school districts in southeast Wisconsin.

Dr. Mary Lynn Huie: Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC)

Dr. Mary Lynn Huie: Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC)

December 5, 2013

LDC stands for Literacy Design Collaborative. Its purpose is to assist teachers with tools or protocols that help them use the literacy standards in their content instruction. Dr. Huie has taught English in grades 8, 10, 11, and 12 in public schools for 25 years. She now works with the Georgia Department of Education to teach teachers how to bring more reading, writing, and communication skills into their classrooms.

LDC is a way to teach the content. It assists the teachers create engagement through helping the kids see information, read, or write like a historian, a scientist, etc. The students discover that the teachers want to teach them how to think critically and that they will ask them for their ideas about the content. This encourages the students as their opinions are valued. "They love that!" 

I think that you will enjoy learning more about the Literacy Design Collaborative. Find out more about Georgia's initiative at https://www.georgiastandards.org/Common-Core/Pages/LDC.aspx

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