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Joe Johnson: Leadership, Coaching, and Consulting - 278

Joe Johnson: Leadership, Coaching, and Consulting - 278

January 23, 2020


Joe Johnson is a leadership consultant, public speaker, and trainer. His company is Elevate Performance. Joe is a former star defensive back at the University of Notre Dame, a former professional football player with the Jacksonville Bulls of the USFL, and had a successful run in financial services in the corporate world. This is episode 278 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.

Joe was born in Fostoria, OH in 1963. A small town located in Northwestern, OH

In 1980, he signed a football scholarship with the University of Notre Dame and went on to be a 4 year starting defensive back for the Fighting Irish football team

Eventually, Joe was selected Tri-Captain of the 1984-85 Fighting Irish football team. He played with  #75 Larry Williams who is the current AD at the University of Akron and #55 Mike Golic of ESPN fame.

After Notre Dame, he played professional football (#48) for the Jacksonville Bulls in the United States Football League (USFL) and in 1989 transitioned out of Competitive Sports and into Corporate America within Financial Services where he rose to the level of Executive Vice President.

In 2009, he decided to share his personal, athletic and professional experiences to help organizations and individuals develop their leadership skills.

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Joe Johnson

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Length - 37:58

David Miletto: Italian Heritage, Family Stories, Chicago, Life, and Art, part 3 - 277

David Miletto: Italian Heritage, Family Stories, Chicago, Life, and Art, part 3 - 277

January 16, 2020


David Miletto was a child in the '50s, a teenager in the 60's and in his twenties in the 1970's. He lived through some amazing years in the United States and he shares his thoughts about many different topics. In this episode, David shares some stories from his college days, recalls his thoughts about some journeys he took with friends, and he starts to introduce us to a wonderful relationship that begins to develop. At the end of the show, David talks about the help that he is in need of to try to finish his latest work of art. Maybe you might be able to help him? 

Remember that this is episode 3. It would be awesome if you hadn't completed episodes 1 & 2 yet that you go back and listen to the beginning of this 4 part series.

So check out Episodes 269 & 271, if you haven't listened to the first two parts of the four-part interview.

By the way, David just released his e-book - Images of an Idea Lost(Apple Books)

 As a classroom teacher, my hope is that you will be able to use some of his comments about life in the past as a way of getting your students to create a better understanding of the importance of asking questions of those who were there: in this case, Chicagoland area in the 50s and 60s…(by the way the journey will also take us to Texas, Florida, maybe Las Vegas, and Italy...even Wisconsin). Too often textbooks leave out the emotions and the true feelings of the people of the era.

What do you think? I am sure that you could use this to engage your students in discussions about the past.

Primary sources of information provide us opportunities to learn without the bias of the editors. This multi-part series provides an awesome learning opportunity for the students in your classes.

Don't forget to go back and listen to :

part 1 - Episode 269.

and part 2 - Episode 271.

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David's e-book: Images of an Idea Lost (Apple Books)

Length - 1:01:37

Eleanor Cripps shares her book “The Countess Choir Woman” - 276

Eleanor Cripps shares her book “The Countess Choir Woman” - 276

January 9, 2020

The_Countess_Choir_Woman_bookcover_488.jpg Eleanor_Cripps_author_525.jpg

Eleanor Cripps shares her book - "The Countess Choir Woman" with us today on episode 276 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.

Imagine a wronged woman receiving a new chance at life. This is the scenario that plays out in the debut historical fiction, The Countess Choir Woman, by Eleanor Cripps. It is a dramatic and captivating real-life story from several centuries ago that resonates with many of us today.

Eleanor is sharing a unique story of an 18th-century woman who unwittingly submitted to unforeseen circumstances, and upon reaching a breaking point, chose prolonged cruel imprisonment over sacrificing her dignity. It is a moving but shocking story that has never been told. The author retells it in her book: The Countess Choir Woman.

The Countess Choir Woman is an authentic look at Austria in the 1700s and the history of the famed Abbey of Goss (a contemplative order of choir women from noble families) as a tale of morality, courage, and conviction to one’s faith.

Eleanor, who hails from the Austrian town of Loeben, discovered the historical events that inspired the book at a class reunion. 

Born in Austria, she learned English, French, and Italian. She worked for five years in South Africa and then worked for two years in Myanmar as a trilingual secretary and a delegate for the German Trade Information Service.  

She later lectured about Hinayana Buddhism before taking a job with the now-defunct Pan Am World Airways. She migrated to America and got her real estate license, serving the industry for 30 years. She now resides in Falls Church, Virginia.

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Length - 31:35

Dana Stahl: The ABCs of Learning Issues - 275

Dana Stahl: The ABCs of Learning Issues - 275

January 3, 2020

The_ABCs_of_Learning_Issues_bookcover.jpg Dana_Stahl_logo_480.jpg

For the past 35 years Dana Stahl, M.Ed., an educational consultant, diagnostician, child-parent advocate, and learning specialist, has worked with families, educators, psychologists, and service providers to help identify learning issues in children and to provide the assistance, resources, and guidance needed to address these issues.

Her recently published book, The ABCs of Learning Issues, is critically acclaimed and has been featured in Chicago Parent, L.A. Parent, Midwest Book Review, Education Update Online, and Special Needs Book Review.  The ABCs of Learning Issues also received the Parent and Teacher Choice Award and the NAPPA Award (National Parenting Product Awards).

In 2014 she founded Educational Alternative LLC, building upon her experience in diagnostic assessment, educational intervention, and advocacy to help parents find schools and programs for their children.  She explores alternative and educational options with students and families and advises on appropriate day and boarding school placements and differential instruction for children with learning deficits; on therapeutic needs for special needs children, and on college searches for schools with learning disorder support programs.

Dana also provides career vocational planning for individuals experiencing failure to launch and who need guidance in selecting career choices that match their specific skill set.

Dana Stahl, who struggled from a learning disability, became a learning specialist to assist children with learning issues to find compensatory strategies to reach their social, emotional, and academic potential.  She also provides life coaching and counseling for children with learning disabilities, Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia, as well as career and vocational counseling.

She earned a B.S. in Special Education from Boston University and a Masters of Education Diagnostic Prescriptive Clinician from The College of William and Mary.  

This is episode 275 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast for educators. Our talk focuses on Dana's book, The ABCs of Learning Issues: A Practical Guide for Parents.

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Length - 33:23

Mikhal Dekel discusses her book Tehran Children: A Holocaust Odyssey - 274

Mikhal Dekel discusses her book Tehran Children: A Holocaust Odyssey - 274

December 19, 2019

 Tehran_Children_331.jpg Mikhal_Dekel_300.jpg

Mikhal Dekel discusses her book Tehran Children: A Holocaust Refugee Odyssey (W.W. Norton & Company, 2019). This is episode 274 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast for educators.

Mikhal Dekel was born in Haifa, Israel, to a Holocaust refugee father and an Israeli-born mother. Over the course of seven intense years, she completed her mandatory military service, earned an L.L.B. from Tel Aviv University’s Buchmann School of Law, interned at the Tel Aviv State Attorney’s Office and joined the Israel Bar Association, before deciding to take a complete break.

In New York, where Mikhal traveled to regroup, she worked odd jobs, sat for hours at the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) before Manet’s Water Lilies, and eventually began a graduate program in English at the City College of New York and then a Doctoral program at Columbia University.

She now lives in Manhattan with her family, teaches English and Comparative Literature at the City College and the CUNY Graduate Center, and directs CCNY’s Rifkind Center for the Humanities and Arts.

Tehran Children: A Holocaust Refugee Odyssey (2019) is the culmination of Mikhal’s decade-long journey to understand her father and the odyssey at the core of his young adulthood—an experience which he never talked about, though it informed every aspect of his being.

His wartime odyssey was also part of a larger chapter in the history of World War II, that of refugees in Central Asia and the Middle East. The fact that most Polish Jews who survived the war had followed this path was virtually unknown at the time when she began writing.

At CCNY, Mikhal teaches courses on Literature and Theory of Migrations; the Historical Memoir; Representations of Trauma; Law and Literature, and other topics.

Mikhal also directs the Rifkind Center for the Humanities and Arts at CCNY, which under her leadership has supported faculty research, awarded fellowships and hosted talks, conferences and interdisciplinary seminars that seek to broaden the academic conversation.

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Length - 35:55