Lady Lucy’s Quest with Karen Gross - 195

May 11, 2018



 Lady Lucy's Quest is the first in a series of children's books written by Karen Gross. In this story, Lady Lucy wants to be a knight but the odds are stacked against her. She has to show endurance, strength, and courage. Karen shares that the story is really about "believing in the power of the possible and dreaming big."  

Lady Lucy is a tribute to a real life woman - Lady Lucy Duff Gordon who was a fashion designer from the late 1800's and early 1900's. She was one of the first women to advertise in a clothing catalogue. She and her husband - Cosmo - were on the Titanic when it sunk. They make a brief appearance in the James Cameron film from a few years back called - Titanic.

On today's episode we talk about Lady Lucy's development, why a children's series, what she hopes readers will take away and who Lady Lucy really is or was. I even ask her if she is Lady Lucy.

We also talk about her latest book - Lady Lucy's Dragon Quest and the books that are on the way...Lady Lucy's Unique Unicorn Quest, Lady Lucy's Giraffe Laugh Book, and Lady Lucy's Peace Quest.

The Giraffe book is co-sponsored by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and will be released on World Giraffe Day on June 21, 2018.

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Contact Karen and find out more:

Karen's page at Northshire

Karen's Amazon Author Page

Karen Gross & Breakaway Learners - Episode 180 of Teaching Learning Leading K12

Giraffe Conservation


 Length - 45:45


Rigor in the RTI and MTSS Classroom with Barbara R. Blackburn - 194

May 3, 2018

Rigor_in_the_RTI_and_MTSS_Classroom_bookcover_.jpg Barbara_Blackburn_250.jpg

Rigor in the RTI and MTSS Classroom: Practical Tools and Strategies is a must read for classroom teachers and building level administrators. Like the title says, "Practical Tools and Strategies", it is exactly that...Practical. Barbara R. Blackburn with Bradley S. Witzel have written a book that is extremely useful for making sure that students at all levels of understanding and development are receiving rigorous instruction.

On today's show, Barbara and I talk about the reasons behind the book and why it was important to create tools for teachers working in the RTI and MTSS environments.

She explains what she means by rigor, RTI and MTSS so that readers and listeners are given a common definition. We look at the layout and format of the book as well as the collaboration with Bradley Witzel as well as the collaboration between Routledge and the Council for Exceptional Children. 

As with all of Barbara's books this one is easy to read and understand. It comes with practical tools for using in the classroom and amazing eresources.So we take a closer look at these.

Additionally, we discuss a couple of the chapters and talk about the suggestions and strategies.

Great episode for you. Lots to think about.

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Length - 47:55


Game On : Using Digital Games to Transform Teaching, Learning, and Assessment with Ryan Schaaf - 193

April 26, 2018

Game_On.jpg Ryan_Schaaf.jpg

Today, I'm talking with Ryan Schaaf about his book (co-authored with Nicky Mohan) - Game On: Using Digital Games to Transform Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (Solution Tree Press, 2017).

Game On is an easy to read and use instructional manual for implementing game-based learning in the classroom.

Ryan takes a look at what he calls shifting to an Education 3.0 mindset. Additionally, he discusses the idea of viewing digital tools as a support for modern learning and he explains game based learning.

During our talk we take a look at the content of a couple of the chapters of Game On - For example, Chapter 4: How to Find and Evaluate Digital Games for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment and Chapter 6: Digital Gaming and Assessment.

I like the way the book is written. It is easy to read and use the information. There are awesome e-resources as well as amazing tools within the main content of the book. Check out the Lesson Sparks, you will find them very helpful.

Ryan has much to share and I am sure that you will find everything about Game On helpful as you work to include gamebased learning and digital tools in your lessons.


Find out more or contact Ryan:



Mathew Farber - Edutopia


Length - 57:06


What School Could Be with Ted Dintersmith - 192

April 20, 2018

What_School_Could_Be__book_cover.png ted_Dintersmith_image.jpg

 Ted Dintersmith is a successful venture capitalist with an eye on changing school. His four decade career spans technology, business, public policy, and education philanthropy. He earned a PhD in engineering from Stanford University, lead a high tech start-up, and ranked as the top venture capitalist in the US for the years 1995-1999.

Ted produced the award winning documentary Most Likely to Succeed and co-authored the book Most Likely to Succeed: Preparing Our Kids for the Innovation Era with Tony Wagner. 

Today, we are talking about his latest book, What School Could Be: Insights and Inspiration from Teachers Across America. 

Ted travelled across the US visiting schools, teachers, and many others to find inspiring educators and innovation in the classroom.

We talk about the common principles that he discusses: PEAK -

a. Purpose

b. Essentials

c. Agency

d. Knowledge

We also check out a few of the chapters and Ted shares some stories from his journey.

Much to learn and think about.

Thanks for listening.


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Schooled: The Story of an Education with Dr. Lodge McCammon, part 2 - 191

April 12, 2018


This is part 2 and the conclusion of my talk with Dr. Lodge McCammon the author of Schooled: The Story of An Education. If you haven't heard part 1, go to episode 190.

Lodge is a return guest who is always great to talk with. If you haven't heard our earlier talks go to episodes 1011, and 54 to catch up.

Schooled: The Story of an Education is Lodge's memoir. He shares his thoughts about his experiences with learning and what the world taught him about himself and education.

His stories are inspiring and thought provoking. His gift for writing makes you want to know more.

Join us as we talk about lessons from his past and what he learned about creating student engagement in the classroom.

Check out these links to learn more and to connect with Lodge:

Schooled: The Story of an Education (Kindle)

Schooled: The Story of an Education (Lodge's website links to his book.) Don’t wait for permission to share Being exceptional and escaping the bucket

Lodge McCammon - Amazon

Live at #LodgesLodge

She was Insane

Harmony - The Lodge McCammons

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Length: 41:02