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Reflections on Teaching and School Administration with Michael Chanin - 230

Reflections on Teaching and School Administration with Michael Chanin - 230

January 26, 2019

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Michael Chanin was a special education teacher in middle and high school settings and then became a high school administrator where he wore many hats. Michael's initial background was in Abnormal child psychopathology. He worked as a therapist at Counseling Services of Miami under the supervision of renowned psychiatrist Dr. Abraham Landau. (the Early 70's)

He eventually taught children with learning disabilities at Coral Springs High School and was an adjunct professor in the Special education graduate department of Nova University before moving to Marietta, GA. He often presented on the developmental side of children with learning disabilities.

Michael taught middle school in Cobb County, Georgia for 13 and a half years and then the high school for 3 years before becoming an administrator for 12 years. He has an awesome sense of humor and a passion for movies and comedy teams of old.

Today we are reflecting on his experiences in the classroom and as an administrator.

Lots to think about and learn.

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The Principals Center at Georgia State University with Dr. James Kahrs - 229

The Principals Center at Georgia State University with Dr. James Kahrs - 229

January 19, 2019


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Dr. Jim Kahrs is the Executive Director of The Principals Center at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. The Principals Center's mission is "To provide practicing and aspiring school leaders with learning and networking opportunities designed to develop their capacity to create schools that work for all children."

As a high school principal, Jim was highly successful, willing to take risks and always focused on the needs of the kids. Jim talks with us about the challenges facing principals in the past and now and discusses what is most important for a principal to do and know in order to be successful. He also shares his wonderful insights into the role of the principal sharing his own awesome experiences. Additionally, we discuss the role of the Principals Center and how it serves the leaders and school systems of Georgia.

James Kahrs is a clinical assistant professor who received his doctor of education degree from the University of Georgia. He specializes in principal induction, supervision of instruction and school-based leadership.

Kahrs has published on the topics of Peer Coaching, the principal’s role in supporting teacher leaders, and student transition. He has made numerous presentations at professional conferences on topics such as teacher leadership, early college, block scheduling, school culture, mentoring new teachers, learning communities, professional development, and teacher supervision.

Jim was a high school principal for over 21 years split between New York and the state of Georgia, additionally, he was a leadership coach for the University of GA’s Department of Lifelong Education, and was recognized as the 2001-2002 NASSP/Met Life Georgia Principal of the Year, 2001-02.

Jim is married to Dr. Sheila Kahrs, a former middle school principal, Georgia Principal of the Year and the 2010 NASSP/Met Life National Principal of the Year.

Lots to learn today!

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Revisiting Rigor in the RTI and MTSS Classroom with Barbara R. Blackburn & Bradley S. Witzel - 228

Revisiting Rigor in the RTI and MTSS Classroom with Barbara R. Blackburn & Bradley S. Witzel - 228

January 10, 2019


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Today I am revisiting, Rigor in the RTI and MTSS Classroom: Practical Tools and Strategies (Routledge, 2018) with the authors Barbara R. Blackburn and Bradley S. Witzel.


In their book, the authors "show you how to develop rigorous RTI and MTSS programs that will support students and lead them to lasting success. Written in a clear, engaging style, Rigor in the RTI and MTSS Classroom offers an in-depth discussion of the issues facing students with academic problems as well as practical strategies for all teachers."

Barbara and I first talked about Rigor in the RTI and MTSS Classroom in episode 194. This topic is extremely popular and so we decided to revisit the content and this time the book's co-author, Bradley S. Witzel was able to join us.

Barbara and Brad explain RTI and MTSS and we talk about everything from why training on RTI and MTSS is needed as well as we look at some evidence-based strategies that can be used in the classroom.  

We also take a look at a couple of the chapters and discuss all of the resources that the authors provided the readers.

Lots to learn today.

Thanks for listening and sharing.

Have a great day!

Episode 194 of Teaching Learning Leading K12

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Chuck Stetson Talks About Using the Bible in Schools - 227

Chuck Stetson Talks About Using the Bible in Schools - 227

January 4, 2019


Chuck Stetson is the CEO of Essentials in Education (EIE) and today on Teaching Learning Leading K12 we are talking about using the Bible in schools.

Essentials in Education (EIE), the parent company of Bible Literacy Project, was founded by Chuck Stetson and the Stetson Family Office. Its mission is to provide quality educational resources that enrich lives. EIE's publications have focused on topics of importance to its American audience: Bible Literacy, Marriage and Family, Character, Leadership, and the founding documents of the U.S. However, with its recent entrance into the global community, EIE has expanded to address issues beyond the academy and beyond the walls of the church. Creating Academic Content that Enriches Lives Globally is its new focus.

Essentials in Education (EIE), is a non-profit foundation providing educational materials to primary, secondary and collegiate institutions.  Formed in 2001 EIE programs are taught in 45 states and globally.

Taught as an English or social studies high school elective course, Bible Literacy is found in 650 high schools in 45 states and has a ten percent market share in six states – Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

Chuck is a speaker on education in a variety of venues including to business leaders, community leaders, the staff of Congress, The White House and leading universities.

He has appeared on FOX News, CBS Sunday Morning and The TODAY Show. His work at EIE has been featured in numerous Associated Press articles, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, and in TIME Magazine.

He has a BA from Yale University and is a graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business with an MBA.

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