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Scott Phillips talks about his film: Do It Differently - 239

Scott Phillips talks about his film: Do It Differently - 239

March 29, 2019



 Do It Differently “...tells the deeply personal stories of four fathers raising autistic children. The dads describe their ongoing journeys, from ‘the moment everything changed’ to present day. They see opportunity where others see disability and they'll help educators do the same. Their autistic kids are doing amazing things, and subsequently knocking down barriers and opening eyes.” You can watch Do It Differently for free on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

Scott Phillips is a video production superstar with The University of Oregon Athletic Department and Marquam Auction Agency.

He holds a degree in Cinema Studies with departmental honors from the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!).

He worked in TV news for 10 years in Portland, both as an on-air personality and a photographer/editor. He produces music videos, and videos for NCAA Division 1 sporting events all across the country. Scott is a filmmaker and has created award-winning documentaries and two feature films. He has written a number of feature film scripts as well.

Do It Differently is a powerful film. You will want to watch it more than once and share with your friend and colleagues.

Remember that you can watch it for free on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

Contact Scott and Watch Do It Differently:


Do It Differently





Length - 53:01 

Rick Snyder and Decisive Intuition - 238

Rick Snyder and Decisive Intuition - 238

March 22, 2019



Rick Snyder has written a book - Decisive Intuition: Use Your Gut Instincts to Make Smart Business Decisions (2019). If you make decisions in your world you are going to want to read Rick's book. He teaches you, in a very reader-friendly manner, how to listen to the internal voice that is telling you what you should do. Awesome book that you are going to want to read.  

Rick Snyder is the founder and CEO of Invisible Edge, an international consulting firm that builds high-performance environments in major, mid-size and emerging businesses.

He leads the Invisible Edge coaches in training companies and teams to build intuitive skills and translate them into business plans and company cultures that result in more effective communication, engagement, profitability, and innovative success.

His breakthrough strategies have been implemented by executives and businesses in Europe, Canada, Asia, Africa, and America. Rick holds an MA in Psychology and has previously worked in the healthcare, tourism and travel, and training spaces.

He has launched four businesses and travels extensively between California and Europe for work and leisure, and to help people access their intuitive skills for decision-making on a global scale.

Check out my first conversation on Episode 185.

Connect with Rick and Learn More:








Email: hello@invisible-edgellc.com
US Phone: +1 (424) 272 5872
UK Phone: +44 (0)7746 872930

Length - 49:27

Why Do You Teach? - 237

Why Do You Teach? - 237

March 19, 2019


Why do you teach?

I recently watched an episode of the television show - Schooled (which I like by the way.) On this episode the question of teaching and why is a major part of the storyline. No spoilers...find it. It's a feel-good moment in the show. It got me thinking about why.

So here are three of the reasons why I taught and why I made my whole career about working with kids:

1. How many professionals have the possibility of making the positive impact that you can as an educator?

2. You get to work with so many different kids, different personalities, different needs, and different wants.

3. There is never a dull moment!

So take time to open your journal and write your three reasons why you teach.

Do that today and use your answers to keep you going and to keep you focused on those reasons when the times get rough.

You make a difference!


Length - 30:18

Kasey Bell and Shake Up Learning - 236

Kasey Bell and Shake Up Learning - 236

March 8, 2019




Kasey Bell is a guru of all things Google. Many know her from her website Shakeuplearning.com and its amazing resources for learning how to use Google and its tools. She also is the co-host of The Google Teacher Tribe where she and Matt Miller give great advice for making the most of Google apps. 

Today we are getting caught up - she was a guest on Teaching Learning Leading K12 on episode 100 - about her website, book (The Shake Up Learning Book ), the podcast, speaking and questions, and her newest addition to the Shake Up Learning world - The Shake Up Learning Show.

She is an excellent teacher who has this awesome positive focus that helps you want to know more. I am taking a couple of her Google classes now and I can't stop saying how much I like using them and learning from her.

Enjoy the show and remember to check out her newest podcast - The Shake Up Learning Show.

Thanks for listening!

Connect with Kasey and Listen to her new Audio Podcast - The Shake Up Learning Show










 Length - 42:44

Elaine Halligan and My Child’s Different - 235

Elaine Halligan and My Child’s Different - 235

March 1, 2019

cover_2.jpg  Elaine_Halligan_Web.jpg

Elaine Halligan talks with me today about her book, My Child’s Different: The Lessons Learned from One Family’s Struggle to Unlock Their Son’s Potential (Crown House Publishing 2018). 

"My Child’s Different is the true story of her family’s journey with a child who is different (her son Sam). Elaine shares the transformation of an angry, struggling child into a capable, reflective, wonderful young man. What makes that transformation possible is his parents, who learn the positive parenting approach that brings out the best in their son.

Elaine Halligan is a director at The Parent Practice and has been a parenting specialist since 2006, helping parents raise competent children through parenting classes, private coaching and keynote speaking in schools and corporate settings both in the UK and overseas." 

This book is a must-read for parents and educators alike. Elaine's story is powerful. You are going to want to listen to this episode more than once and definitely share it with your friends and colleagues. Listed below is information for getting a copy of the book from Amazon in the UK as well as Amazon in the US.

Thanks for listening.

Contact Elaine, find out more information and order a copy of My Child's Different:



The Parent Practice on Pinterest





Amazon US

Publisher information:



Length - 42:08

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