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Rigor and Differentiation in the Classroom with Barbara R. Blackburn - 220

Rigor and Differentiation in the Classroom with Barbara R. Blackburn - 220

November 10, 2018



Dr Barbara Blackburn talks with me today about her book, Rigor and Differentiation in the Classroom: Tools and Strategies. (2019, Taylor & Francis)

Barbara has dedicated her life to raising the level of rigor and motivation for professional educators and students alike.

She is a Top 30 Global Guru in Education, has taught early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school students and has served as an educational consultant for three publishing companies.

A few of her book titles are:

  1. Rigor made easy: Getting Started
  2. Rigorous Schools and Classrooms: Leading the Way
  3. Rigor in Your Classroom: A Toolkit for Teachers
  4. Rigor in Your School: A Toolkit for Leaders
  5. Literacy from A to Z
  6. Rigor for Students with Special Needs
  7. Motivating Struggling Learners: 10 Ways to Build Student Success
  8. Rigor is Not a Four-Letter Word
  9. Rigor and Assessment in the Classroom
  10. Rigor in the RTI and MTSS Classroom: Practical Tools and Strategies

She often can be found working with teachers and administrators in workshops as well as presenting at state, national, and international conferences.

Barbara is an amazing writer and teacher. She creates books that teachers can read and put into action immediately. She has a wonderful gift for making the difficult easy to understand and to use.

Lots to learn!

Thanks for listening!

Check out Barbara's Quick Reference Guide to Rigor just published by ASCD.

Rigor Quick Reference Guide with ASCD

Make sure that you check out the links below especially the link to the Graphic Organizer for Math Word Problems that Barbara talked about as well as the link to her website's free resources.

Learn More and Connect with Barbara:




http://bit.ly/GraphicOrganizerMathWordProblems (The organizer that Barbara talked about.)









Length - 52:53

Rigor in the RTI and MTSS Classroom with Barbara R. Blackburn - 194

Rigor in the RTI and MTSS Classroom with Barbara R. Blackburn - 194

May 3, 2018

Rigor_in_the_RTI_and_MTSS_Classroom_bookcover_.jpg Barbara_Blackburn_250.jpg

Rigor in the RTI and MTSS Classroom: Practical Tools and Strategies is a must read for classroom teachers and building level administrators. Like the title says, "Practical Tools and Strategies", it is exactly that...Practical. Barbara R. Blackburn with Bradley S. Witzel have written a book that is extremely useful for making sure that students at all levels of understanding and development are receiving rigorous instruction.

On today's show, Barbara and I talk about the reasons behind the book and why it was important to create tools for teachers working in the RTI and MTSS environments.

She explains what she means by rigor, RTI and MTSS so that readers and listeners are given a common definition. We look at the layout and format of the book as well as the collaboration with Bradley Witzel as well as the collaboration between Routledge and the Council for Exceptional Children. 

As with all of Barbara's books this one is easy to read and understand. It comes with practical tools for using in the classroom and amazing eresources.So we take a closer look at these.

Additionally, we discuss a couple of the chapters and talk about the suggestions and strategies.

Great episode for you. Lots to think about.

Thanks for listening!


By the way, make sure that you see the links below to connect with Barbara.

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Length - 47:55

Barbara Blackburn & Rigor and Assessment in the Classroom - 186

Barbara Blackburn & Rigor and Assessment in the Classroom - 186

March 9, 2018

Rigor_and_Assessment_in_the_Classroom_262.jpg Barbara_Blackburn_250.jpg

Dr. Barbara Blackburn returns to Teaching Learning Leading K12 to discuss her book, Rigor and Assessment in the Classroom.

What I like about the way Barbara writes is simply this: easy to understand, easy to use, and plenty of free resources to help you implement.

By the way, plenty of free resources is an understatement! She has a treasure chest full of support for you!

You can read today, plan tonight, and put into play in your classroom tomorrow.

The book is divided into ten chapters from Best Practices to Working Together to Improve Assessment in Rigorous Classrooms. Today, we focus on just a couple like Linking Instruction and Assessment to Improve Rigor (Chapter 3) and Grading (Chapter 8), as well as a couple others.

Lots to learn.

Thanks for joining us.

By the way...

Here is the special page for the discounts that Barbara talked about:



Contact Barbara and learn more:





Length - 55:17


Episode 51: Rigor Made Easy with Dr. Barbara Blackburn

Episode 51: Rigor Made Easy with Dr. Barbara Blackburn

April 17, 2015


My guest today is Dr. Barbara Blackburn. She is an educational consultant who has made Rigor in the classroom one of her signature topics. She is the author of 15 books and numerous articles on educational topics to name just a few there is Rigor in the Classroom, Rigor is Not a Four-Letter Word, Rigor for Special Needs Students, and, our focus today, Rigor Made Easy.


She has taught early childhood, elementary, middle, high school and college students. She is a national speaker who can often be found presenting to workshops for school personnel. 


Rigor is a word that sends shivers through many typically because it has been misinterpreted or introduced in a manner which connects it to thoughts of more of everything. In Rigor Made Easy, Barbara addresses Myths about rigor…such as Myth#1… Lots of Homework Is a Sign of Rigor and Myth#2…Rigor Means Doing More. 


During our talk we discuss a few of the myths as well as several key elements of Rigor Made Easy. The book is divided into seven chapters, the first one is called Understanding Rigor and the other six are:

2. Raise the level of Content

3. Increase Complexity

4. Give appropriate Support and Guidance

5. Open Your Focus

6. Raise Expectations

7. Challenges and Adventures

Barbara’s writing style is easy to read and understand. You will find yourself ready to reassess your lesson plans so that you can address her thoughts about Rigor in your classroom and school, tomorrow.

Rigorisnotafourletterword259.jpg  Rigor-for_students_with_special_needs254  Rigor_in_your_classroom259.jpg

This is an awesome discussion that lends itself to helping kids get to greater understanding of content and learning processes.

Check out the links below to find out more about Barbara and to connect with her:

Website-    http://www.barbarablackburnonline.com/

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/BarbaraRBlackburn

Pinterest-  https://www.pinterest.com/barbblackburn/

Blog-           http://rigorineducation.blogspot.com/

Twitter-      https://twitter.com/BarbBlackburn

YouTube-   https://youtu.be/4LZ6na9V1Wc

Or simply call… (609) 474-4677


Length: 60 minutes

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