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Episode 18: Nelson Lauver, Author of Most Unlikely to Succeed: The Trials, Travels, and Ultimate Triumphs of a “Throwaway” Kid

April 17, 2014


Nelson Lauver learned at the age of 29 that he was dyslexic.

Unfortunately, throughout his school experience no one knew this. As he struggled in school, he had to face a choice…be the dumb kid or be the bad kid. He chose to be the bad kid.

As he progressed through each grade what was really happening was that they were promoting him to get him out of their classes and eventually out of the school. He graduated 104th out 104 students.

Nelson and I talk about his experiences as a kid and as a young man trying to hold down a job.

Nelson has the following statement on his website: “A better world starts with the courage to believe you have something to contribute.” He has an amazing story and explanation surrounding this wonderful thought! As you listen to him, you will say, “You know…I think that he is talking to me…that he is telling me that I could contribute to this world…”

His memoir will touch your heart and make you wish that you could have been there to help him.

In response to this…He says that he can only move forward and take these experiences and use them for good.

My favorite part of our talk is when he starts talking about…Don’t give up on that kid!

After you listen to his story, I hope that you will take time to check out his website and look at his foundation and the work that he is doing to help promote literacy.

Also, listen to his wonderful talks under the link “audio stories.” You will not be disappointed.

His memoir is the winner of three book awards….

Gold Medal: Book of the Year, Independent Publisher Association 2011

Gold Medal: Inspirational Category Winner, INDIE Book Awards 2011

Silver Medal: Memoir Category INDIE Book Awards 2011

Find out more information about Nelson at his website…


You can order his memoir at Amazon. Click on the title to go to that page. Most Unlikely to Succeed


Length 47:06

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