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135: Does Your Organization Treat Visitors as Guests?

March 13, 2017


Do you treat your visitors like guests? Do you pay attention to how your staff answer the phones or treat people as they walk through the door?

You should.

Today, I am talking about several bad experiences which I had at a local spot that I like to visit with my laptop to get some work done. On several occassions, more than I share, the staff fail to greet customers and not only that talk behind what must be an invisible wall, because while the number in line is growing the staff are standing, laughing,and not paying attention to the people with the money. This drives me nuts in businesses and places that I am visiting.

We need to care about how visitors are teated when they enter or call our building.

Visitors need to be acknowledged with a friendly smile and a warm hello.


Unfortunately, our visitors or callers are not treated like guests. Instead they are often ignored or made to feel like they have done something wrong.

Thanks for listening and I hope that you will become that fly on a wall and watch and listen to how your staff interact with visitors. Make this a priority and soon your visitors will know that they are welcomed as guests.

Don't wait!


Links to the books I mentioned:

Duncan, Todd - The $6000 Egg.

Godin, Seth. Purple Cow

Peters, Tom. Wow!

Pink, Daniel. To Sell is Human.



Length: 17:17


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