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Episode 39: Financial Wisdom with Danny Kofke

Episode 39: Financial Wisdom with Danny Kofke

November 24, 2014


Danny Kofke is a self-made millionaire. He started out as a kindergarten teacher, became a special education teacher and is married to a 2nd grade teacher. He and his wife took international teaching positions originally and actually taught in Poland, for a while.

He now teaches teachers how to manage money.

He is an author of three books: How to Survive (and Perhaps Thrive) on a Teacher’s Salary, A Simple Book of Financial Wisdom: Teach Yourself (and your kids) How to Live Wealthy with Little Money, and A Bright Financial Future: Teaching Kids about Money Pre-K through College for Lifelong Success! (Click here to go to his page on Amazon.com)


He has a 10 year old daughter who also is a published author! 

She wrote…The Financial Angel: What all Kids Should Know About Money (ages 4-11)


This is a podcast for everyone…especially those with kids!

Great advice!

Information that we all needed when we were kids…now you can share with your children and with the kids of others.

I hope you will share this interview with your children, grandchildren, neighbors, and colleagues!

Catch up with Danny at http://dannykofke.blogspot.com/

Also, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SimpleFinancialWisdom

Contact Danny at kofketd@windstream.net


Length: 40:04

Episode 38: Protecting the Performing Arts

Episode 38: Protecting the Performing Arts

November 13, 2014


Over the last 10 years, the performing arts have often been pushed to the side in the name of needing more math and science or simply cut to balance budgets.


It is unfortunate.

Whether its band, chorus, orchestra, theater, dance or a myriad of others; the performing arts have their place in our schools.

Students desire to study and perform in the arts often in addition to studying math and science or other academic content areas.


The Georgia Institute of Technology has one of the largest marching bands in all of the colleges and universities…and there are no music majors at GATech. Hmmm ... even future engineers like the arts...

In order to protect the arts in schools it takes commitment and a willingness to make cuts in other areas, instead of in these classes. It takes becoming good at creative scheduling and looking closely at what the students want over the classes they could do without. 

What could you do to help protect the arts in your schools?

Length: 33:37

Episode 37: Experience Education

Episode 37: Experience Education

November 6, 2014


Taking the classroom to another level is what experience education is all about. In this age of standardization and efficiency what has suffered most is the field trip. In the minds of many, these are waste of time...no way! 
Most travels associated with studies create the desire within kids to know more! Talk about ramping up learning! There is nothing better than exploring, touching the past, smelling the wilderness, and getting just a little bit muddy. As a principal and former Boy Scout Scout Master, I experienced some exciting adventures...and was able to find the right teachers who took Scout trips and made them part of experiential learning! 
Too often these types of trips suffer from financial cutbacks and political garbage...Kids need to have adventures and you can make them happen! 
You make kids want to learn more science, history and other academics if you just take the time and resources to make these trips part of your school culture!
Check out these links to know more!

Don't give in...make these trips a part of the kids educational pursuit and watch the interest in learning skyrocket!!!!

Length: 34:20

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