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Episode 39: Financial Wisdom with Danny Kofke

November 24, 2014


Danny Kofke is a self-made millionaire. He started out as a kindergarten teacher, became a special education teacher and is married to a 2nd grade teacher. He and his wife took international teaching positions originally and actually taught in Poland, for a while.

He now teaches teachers how to manage money.

He is an author of three books: How to Survive (and Perhaps Thrive) on a Teacher’s Salary, A Simple Book of Financial Wisdom: Teach Yourself (and your kids) How to Live Wealthy with Little Money, and A Bright Financial Future: Teaching Kids about Money Pre-K through College for Lifelong Success! (Click here to go to his page on Amazon.com)


He has a 10 year old daughter who also is a published author! 

She wrote…The Financial Angel: What all Kids Should Know About Money (ages 4-11)


This is a podcast for everyone…especially those with kids!

Great advice!

Information that we all needed when we were kids…now you can share with your children and with the kids of others.

I hope you will share this interview with your children, grandchildren, neighbors, and colleagues!

Catch up with Danny at http://dannykofke.blogspot.com/

Also, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SimpleFinancialWisdom

Contact Danny at kofketd@windstream.net


Length: 40:04

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