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Episode 68: Rae Pica & “What If Everybody Understood Child Development?”

Episode 68: Rae Pica & “What If Everybody Understood Child Development?”

August 31, 2015

Rae is an educational consultant, keynote speaker, blogger, podcaster, and author of 19 books.  She has consulted with the Sesame Street Research Department and the children’s show Blue’s Clues. She blogs for the Huffington Post and is a member of the executive committee of the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences.


The main focus of Rae’s books is on the importance of movement in learning.

A few of her titles are: Moving and Learning: Toddlers; Moving and Learning: Pre-Schoolers and Kindergartners; Moving and Learning: Early Elementary Children; Experiences in Movement and Music; Jump into Literacy; Jump into Science; Jump into Math; Wiggle, Giggle, and Shake; and A Running Start.

This excerpt from her Home page reveals her thoughts about children, learning and movement.

“As an education consultant since 1980, I have watched fads come and go and educational priorities wax and wane. But despite the shifting strategies of the adults around them, children have remained the same! They still need to physically experience concepts to fully understand them, and their preferred modes of acquiring knowledge have always been, and still are, movement, play, and active learning.”

jump_into_Literacy_380.jpg jump_into_math-cover_380.jpg
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Listed at the end of these show-notes are several links from her web page, Facebook page, Twitter, her podcast network, and an interview with The Cool Cat Teacher, Vicki Davis.


On today’s show we focus on her latest book, What if Everybody Understood Child Development?

This is an amazing book. Rae pulls no punches as she talks about her concerns that too many people making decisions about how and what children should be taught know little to nothing about the growth and development of children. 


Here are a few of the titles of her chapters-

·        All Children are Not the Same

·        The Earlier the Better?

·        When Did a Hug Become a Bad Thing?

·        Teaching Girls They’re More Than a Pretty face

·        Doing Away With the Baby Stuff

·        Why Does Sitting Still Equal Learning?

·        Play is Not a Four Letter Word

·        The Trouble With Testing

·        The Homework Debate

·        You’re Outta Here!

This is a book that every educator, whether in the classroom or not, every politician, and anyone who works with children should read.

I hope that you will take time to make “What if Everybody Understood Child Development?” your next book to read. It will get you fired up about the difference you make and angry about what is imposed upon the classroom that has nothing to do with how children learn.


Episode 67: Workshop Annoucement- So You Want to be a Teacher

Episode 67: Workshop Annoucement- So You Want to be a Teacher

August 27, 2015


As a principal, I was amazed at how many new teachers did not understand how to write letters or resumes to get my attention. Many of them also failed to understand how to go about targeting and selecting schools and systems where they would one day like to work. This workshop will address those issues and so many more.

We will also focus on how to prepare for an interview and what to do during the interview.

Danny Kofke, a financial guru and author of several books including How to Survive on a Teacher's Salary will speak and talk about the financial choices you will be asked to make when you sign your contract.

We will also look at contracts and what they mean.

Breakfast and Lunch will be provided.

Our target audience is pre-service teachers, new teachers or teachers looking for a position.

Representatives from local school systems will be available.

The workshop costs $25.

November 10th, 2015 from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM at The Heart of Georgia RESA 1141 Cochran Highway Eastman, Georgia 31023

Hope that you can make it or share this announcement with someone who might be interested.

Go to www.hgresa.org for registration and other information. 

Best wishes,
Episode 66: Leadership Tips with Bob Cresswell #1

Episode 66: Leadership Tips with Bob Cresswell #1

August 19, 2015


Bob Cresswell has always been a change agent. 

He sees the world as it should be and he has never been afraid to take the risks to make a difference.

As a teacher, school administrator and now educational consultant Bob continues to urge educators to do what is right.

He was a high school principal for over thirty years who made it possible for teachers and students to work together to help the kids learn how to use their minds well.

Over the next couple of months, Bob will share with us some thoughts about leadership in schools.

Length- 11:59
Episode 65: Focus on the Team, Not the Dream-Team Building Tip #3

Episode 65: Focus on the Team, Not the Dream-Team Building Tip #3

August 13, 2015
Focus on the Team, Not the Dream.

It sounds easy and may make you want to look at me and cough out a mountainous- Duh! 

But...today, my team building tip is so common that leadership guru John Maxwell devoted a section in his book, The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork, to it.
The members are important: Who those members are and their capabilities and skills that they bring speak loudly.
The dream will happen as part of your vision casting but first make sure that you focus on building that team.
Want to know more? 

Also, check out the first parts of this team building series:

Length: 5:41

Episode 64: Becoming a Conservation Ranger with Allen Mills

Episode 64: Becoming a Conservation Ranger with Allen Mills

August 7, 2015


Do you have students who would love a career path that kept them outside? Would they struggle if they had to stay in a cubicle or office that had four walls and no windows? Do like to be around wildlife and help people?


After listening to Conservation Ranger 1st Class, Allen Mills, you will have an outside alternative to share with the kids. We talk about what a conservation ranger is, how you become one, and what a typical day is like. His office is his truck and he spends more time there and in the wilderness than he does in his office.


He enforces laws designed to protect wildlife and humans. He responds to emergencies like rescuing boaters, helping hunters who have had tree-stand accidents, and helping during floods and other natural disasters. Many rangers teach safe practices for being in the Georgia wilderness.


How many other jobs might you have the opportunity to drive a boat, ATV, or truck? Not many.

Allen is an awesome representative for the Ranger program. He has a great sense of humor and tells it like it is. I enjoyed our conversation and I think you will too.

Please share this with students who may be looking for a direction and would love to combine the outdoors with law enforcement.

Check out these links or call the Metter, Ga office for more information.



Georgia Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement

Becoming A Conservation Ranger

Georgia Department of Natural Resources Facebook Page

Metter, Georgia  Office 912-685-2145

Length: 43:19

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