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Episode 64: Becoming a Conservation Ranger with Allen Mills

August 7, 2015


Do you have students who would love a career path that kept them outside? Would they struggle if they had to stay in a cubicle or office that had four walls and no windows? Do like to be around wildlife and help people?


After listening to Conservation Ranger 1st Class, Allen Mills, you will have an outside alternative to share with the kids. We talk about what a conservation ranger is, how you become one, and what a typical day is like. His office is his truck and he spends more time there and in the wilderness than he does in his office.


He enforces laws designed to protect wildlife and humans. He responds to emergencies like rescuing boaters, helping hunters who have had tree-stand accidents, and helping during floods and other natural disasters. Many rangers teach safe practices for being in the Georgia wilderness.


How many other jobs might you have the opportunity to drive a boat, ATV, or truck? Not many.

Allen is an awesome representative for the Ranger program. He has a great sense of humor and tells it like it is. I enjoyed our conversation and I think you will too.

Please share this with students who may be looking for a direction and would love to combine the outdoors with law enforcement.

Check out these links or call the Metter, Ga office for more information.



Georgia Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement

Becoming A Conservation Ranger

Georgia Department of Natural Resources Facebook Page

Metter, Georgia  Office 912-685-2145

Length: 43:19

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