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147: 3 Ideas about Making Field Trips Successful

147: 3 Ideas about Making Field Trips Successful

May 29, 2017



Field trips are important. There is nothing like experiencing something first hand or putting your hands on whatever the content is. Virtual trips are nice for those trips that would be too expensive, but nothing takes the place of being front and center in the content.

If you want to know what it is like in a swamp, you need to be there. If you want to get the feel for the power of the large engines that drive a naval battle ship you need to be in that engine room. If you want to feel the past you want to visit an historical or archaelogical site.

Field trips are important, but to make them work you have to plan the trip.

(Check out episodes 141 and 142 for more information about field trips.)



You have to be organized and plan the trip down to the smallest detail. Afterall, you are responsible for someone else's children. 

Today's episode is completely focused on making the trip a success by "sweating the small stuff."

Here are my 3 Ideas for Making a Field Trip a Success

1. Be choosey.

2. Design the trip.

3. Keep track of the kids.

Field trips are awesome ways of engaging kids and creating better understanding, but you have to address challenges. 

Thanks for listening.

Happy field trip planning.


Check out episodes 141 and 142 for more information about field trips.

Length: 27:23

146: 40 Years of Star Wars and School

146: 40 Years of Star Wars and School

May 25, 2017


40 Years of Star Wars and School!


Were you there in line on May 25th, 1977?

Do you have any favorite memories of any of the Star Wars movies?

How about favorite characters or scenes?

Let's think about school?

Any special memories as a kid or teacher that are connected with school and Star Wars?

Looking back at 40 Years of Star Wars and School.

Thanks for listening and joining me on this trip down memory lane.

By the way, check out the Star Wars related links below. 


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Donny and Marie Star Wars Episode 

What can you get a Wookie for Christmas when he already owns a comb

Opening Scene of Star Wars

Meco's Star Wars music

Length: 21:08

145: 3 Reasons Why Flea Markets, Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, and Estate Sales Are Your Best Friend

145: 3 Reasons Why Flea Markets, Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, and Estate Sales Are Your Best Friend

May 22, 2017


Have you figured out that to help you with the classroom you need to buy stuff that will help you? 

Don't get me wrong the school often will have supplies that will help, but to really get a leg up on working with the kids you need to buy stuff.

Well, since this is the case the best places to get this stuff is where you will find it for cheaper than at department or retail stores.

You know what I am talking about right?

Oh, yea...

You need to make visiting flea markets. garage sales, yard sales, church sales, thrift stores, and estate sales a habit. They can be your best friend.



Here are my 3 Reasons Why Fleamarkets, Yard Sales, Thirft Stores, and Estate Sales Are Your Best Friend

1. Organizational Stuff

2. Teaching Stuff

3. Cool Stuff




So what are you waiting for? Start this weekend! Seek out those things that will help you work with your kids.

Time to uncover treasure.

Start this weekend!

Length: 24:52

144: 11 Wants for My Perfect Classroom

144: 11 Wants for My Perfect Classroom

May 16, 2017


Today, I'm talking about my 11 wants for what I consider my perfect classroom.

Have you ever thought about this?

You know, if money was not an issue what would you like to have? What changes would you make to your current classroom or if you haven't started teaching yet what would you like your first classroom to look and be like?


Here are my 11 Wants for My Perfect Classroom

1. Tables and chairs, not desks.

2. Permission to decorate and/or paint the walls.

3. Space

4. Interactive Board/Projector that makes a wall interactive.

5. Tablets, laptops, chromebooks, etc.

6. Access to social media.

7. Microphones and money for hosting a class audio podcast.

8. A rug.

9. Outside space.

10. Funds to build up a classroom library.

11. Access to a closet or drawers.


So what about you? What would you like for your perfect classroom? 

What 11 things would you really want for your classroom?


Length: 19:04

143: Teaching in the Fast Lane with Suzy Pepper Rollins

143: Teaching in the Fast Lane with Suzy Pepper Rollins

May 8, 2017


You may remember Suzy from a couple of earlier interviews: Episode 2 where we talked about her instructional program called Math in the Fast Lane and on Episode 43 we talked about her book Learning in the Fast Lane. She is a national presenter, life-long educator, founder of Math in the Fast Lane ( a resource for helping teachers in grades 3-8 help kids with better understanding math), and now the author of two books published by ASCD- Learning in the Fast Lane and Teaching in the Fast Lane.


Suzy is energetic and passionate about helping teachers help their kids become academically successful. She has a nack for writing books that are easy to read and put to use in the classroom. Her research-based approach shares the research but gets to the practical immediately. No translators are needed here.

Today we talk about why she likes helping teachers and we dig into several parts of Teaching in the Fast Lane. You will hear her talk about the active classroom and what that requires. By the way, I love the way each chapter ends with a list of Questions to Ponder as well as her thoughts about stations and standards walls.

You are going to love Teaching in the Fast Lane and don't forget to check out her first book, Learning in the Fast Lane. 


Suzy also has taken on a new venture called myedexpert.com. You will hear us talk about this exciting way for teachers to get help from colleagues.

Thanks for listening!


Connect with Suzy at:


or go to myedexpert.com

and learn more about -

Teaching in the Fast Lane: How to Create Active Learning Experiences


Learning in the Fast Lane: 8 Ways tp Put All Students on the Road to Academic Success



Length: 30:14 

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