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142: Great Ideas for Awesome Field Trips

May 1, 2017


In episode 141, I explain four reasons why field trips are important. 

Yes, technology has made it possible to take virtual trips but there is still nothing like being there. Nothing replaces getting your hands dirty or learning first hand in the environment of whatever the activity or event is.


4 Reasons Why Field Trips Are Important:

1. Experience

2. Questions

3. Connection with Real-Life and Others

4. Future Thinking

Listen to episode 141 to hear me explain these reasons.

Today, I'm sharing some thoughts about great field trips to introduce to your kids and classes.


I hope that you will recognize the important role that field trips can play in getting the kids engaged in your subject area. Don't make excuses. Look at the standards, identify an excellent unit, and identify what field trip you will take to get the kids engaged and wanting to know more. 

What ideas do you have for awesome field trips?

Length - 25:36

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