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Classroom Technology and Podcasting with Chris Nesi - 202

Classroom Technology and Podcasting with Chris Nesi - 202

June 27, 2018

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Christopher J. Nesi is the host of the House of #EdTech podcast and the creator and founder of the Education Podcasting Network. Chris is also a co-host of the PodcastPD podcast. He is a certified social studies teacher in New Jersey. Technology and its role in education are his professional passion.

Chris and I talk about why some people have tech phobias or believe that they can't do tech in the classroom. We also discuss how tech can best serve the classroom teacher as well as the obstacles that many teachers face in using technology for learning. 

Chris is definitely a podcaster. We spent some time reflecting on the House of #EdTech and the education podcasting network.

I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Chris. There is so much to learn and think about.

Thanks for listening and I hope that you will share this episode with your friends, colleagues, and family.



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Length - 47:23

Lady Lucy’s Laugh Giraffe Journey with Karen Gross - 201

Lady Lucy’s Laugh Giraffe Journey with Karen Gross - 201

June 20, 2018

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It's World Giraffe Day and Lady Lucy is back to help Giraffe with her Lady Lucy's Laugh Giraffe Journey written by Karen Gross and Marc Wine. Every June 21st is World Giraffe Day and this interview was released on June 21st, 2018 to celebrate the launch of Lady Lucy's latest adventure.

This journey is quite different from her last two in that this book is a joke book with many of the jokes written by kids. The story was published as a collaboration with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. The foundation also helped to review the book to make sure that its facts were correct.

The book is filled with jokes that kids will have fun sharing, especially with their family. It also has several pages of giraffe fun facts and there is a parent-teacher guide to help with using the book as a learning tool.

Additionally, Karen is encouraging kids to submit names for the giraffe that are featured throughout the book and there will be an auction of this giraffe collection. The proceeds of the auction will benefit children who cannot afford the books as well as the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. Part of the profits of book sales will also be contributed to GCF.

The book is colorful and fun! Kids are sure to get a kick out of the many wonderful jokes. I'm sure adults will chuckle right along with the kids.

I had fun talking with Karen about Lady Lucy's Laugh Giraffe Journey and I think you will enjoy listening and reading the book.

Happy World Giraffe Day - June 21st.


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Length - 28:03

Dave Weber Discusses Leadership Re-Defined and Productivity - 200

Dave Weber Discusses Leadership Re-Defined and Productivity - 200

June 14, 2018


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Dave Weber is an author, motivational speaker, productivity expert, leadership trainer, keynote presenter, husband and father.

Dave has spoken to, trained, and assisted many organizations and groups from major international corporations to middle school students over the past 25 years.

He is most known for his energetic delivery and captivating storytelling.

Today, we are discussing his latest book, Leadership Re-Defined: The 12 X's of Success for Today's Leader, productivity and helping others.

Dave is awesome to learn from and talk with.

Much to learn.


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Length - 1:03:54

Brian Buffington & Bucky Bush Talk Tech in the Classroom - 199

Brian Buffington & Bucky Bush Talk Tech in the Classroom - 199

June 7, 2018


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Brian Buffington and Bucky Bush are technology professionals. They stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest trends and teach others how to use and make the most of them. They are excellent coaches who know how to make learning fun!

Whether it is to help you increase engagement in the classroom, your own personal understanding of apps and such, or whether it is something specific that needs addressing, Brian and Bucky help educators figure it out.

Today, I'm talking with both of them. Even though all three of us are located in the same state, we are separated by 100's of miles. I love technology...in this case Google Hangout. 

 Some of our talk focuses on:

1. Best ways technology can serve the classroom teacher

2. Obstacles teachers face in using technology in the classroom

3. A few tech tips

4. A few favorite tech tools


A couple of the tech ideasmentioned: screencastify and cam scanner

Plus so much more.


Thanks for listening!



Connect with Brian and Bucky:



Twitter: @brianbuffington, @PioneerRESAtech


@buckybush on Twitter



Length - 1:06:46

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