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104: Kelly Croy - The Wired Educator

June 28, 2016


Kelly Croy is a parent of four, a 7th grade language arts teacher, an author, speaker, and podcaster.

He is an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Google Certified Teacher.

Recently, he was named a Top Innovator in Education by the PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator Program.

His show, The Wired Educator Podcast, is a great place to meet new people and set your brain on fire with awesome ideas about many subjects but most have some connection with tech in the classroom.

Make sure that you check out his website.


Kelly says, " I love going to work. I love teaching."

He has completed 25 years as a classroom teacher. 
As Kelly chuckles, "Pretty much in the same classroom."
He first started teaching at 21 years old. Wow!

We talk about what he likes about being a parent and get into discussing the importance of rapport with kids.

His comment is awesome, "I think having teachers who connect with students is that first great way to bridge that engagement with kids."

When asked about what advice he would give teachers trying to enage kids in the classroom Kelly reflected, "...having students do real work for real audiences is key."

Kelly is fun to talk with and has a great focus on the classroom. 
You can tell that he likes working with kids and helping them 
to get excited about the world and all that it has to offer!
I love it when he talks about the classroom and maker space-
"...look at your classroom not as a hub to relay information, but to have students to build, create and make." Cool!

Here is a link to the Learn Like a Pirate book that Kelly mentioned.

Kelly and  I talk about Twitter being his favorite way to learn and why. 
Here is his Twitter link.


By the way, here is a link to a commercial for The Big Trak he references.

We also talk about his favorite technology for the classroom.
His response to me goes like this, I look at ..."What's the coolest thing and how could I use that in my classroom."

Check out his cool answer to my question about whether he likes paper or e-books.


Additionally, we spend time discussing his wonderful book, 

Easy to read and understand. 

My favorite chapter is Three- "Everyone is Called to Lead."

Look for some of his thought provoking comments throughout the book like, 
"Leadership roles await each of us around every corner." and

"Know Your Krytonite"
"Leading isn't a Game of Simon Says" 

(When you get to this point in his book you've got to visit his thoughts about 
Six Things Those Who Lead Need to Hear)


I encourage you to follow Kelly on Twitter ,subscribe to The Wired Educator Podcast and 
get a copy of his book, 

Connect with him at Kelly@kellycroy.com or kelly@wirededucator.com

Length: 55:48

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