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105: Brian Buffington - Tech, Low-Tech, & Music

July 7, 2016


Brian Buffington is an instructional technology Specialist in Cleveland, Georgia.

Brian says that as an instructional technology specialist he is
"helping teachers do more with technology in 15+ regional school systems, colleges, and universities in Northeast Georgia and that he enjoys creating media to engage student/teacher learning."

He also is a musician. 

Brian likes to play what he calls "happy music."

You've got to make sure that you go to his YouTube channel and listen to  his songs 8th grade Mustache and Parents Just Don't Understand Minecraft.


Brian likes to teach while using screencasting apps and websites.


One of the ways that Brian communicates with people is extremely low-tech. 

Listen to us talk about the use of postcards to connect with and build followers.

Brian is an excellent teacher of tech, has great ideas 
for tech in the classroom, is a talented musician, and fun to talk with as well! 


Remember you can catch up with Brian on:

Length: 39:52

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