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106: Jack Berckemeyer- teaching & “Deliberate Optimism”

July 28, 2016
Jack C. Berckemeyer is an engaging, thought-provoking, and very, very funny educational consultant. He is a teacher's teacher. Go ahead I dare you to listen to him and not start saying you know he makes sense. By the way, along with that acknowledgement will be a smile because he is going to make you laugh about our chosen profession.  
Jack is a former middle school teacher who is a keynote speaker, a professional development expert, and a published author.

You have got to check out his latest collaborative work with Debbie Silver and Judith Baenen- Deliberate Optimism: Reclaiming the Joy in Education. (Here is my review of Deliberate Optimism...I loved it. Don't worry the video is only 3:00 minutes.)
He has so much to share about making teaching engaging and connecting with kids, but he also runs a conference in Destin, Florida called Nuts and Bolts SymposiumsCheck out his video advertisement for the conference coming up in 2017.
Make sure that you check out the many different ways on the web that you can connect with Jack through the links below. 

I truly enjoyed learning from Jack and talking with him and I am sure you will, too!


Length: 41:25

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