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111: Mandi Mathis & The Littlest Inventor

September 18, 2016


Mandi C. Mathis has written a book called The Littlest Inventor.

She works for a law firm, is a wife and a mom and now an author.  
She and her family live in Athens, Georgia.


Mandi hopes all kids, teachers, parents. and counselors will read her book.
But she will tell you that the book was written for her son Sawyer. 
She wanted him to "have a positive literary role model that looked like him." 
Sawyer was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder.

The book is colorful and has wonderful illustrations. The storyline is interesting and does a wonderful job of pointing out that it is ok to be different.

Here is a picture of Sawyer who was featured in Autism: Asperger's Digest.

I love the part of the interview where Mandi talks about celebrating differences as she says, "We love different. We are all different." 
We talk about what Autism Spectrum Disorder is as well as what teachers and other adults need to recognize about working with kids who have sensory overload.

Listen to her talk about "misbehavior is just missed behaviors."

I hope that you get a chance to get a copy of The Littlest Inventor after you listen to Mandi. 

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