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114: Classroom Management - Starting Class

October 9, 2016


One of the greatest favors you can do for yourself as a classroom teacher is to learn to get the kids’ attention.

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

Most definitely.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy and too often this is where the adult takes a short cut.

You risk being run over by a freight train.

Quite simply once many kids realize that you don’t have a real way of starting class...your honeymoon is over.

Once they realize that you don’t have a way of getting their attention...you are soon going to find yourself talking over or above the kids' voices when you shouldn’t.

You have to have a way to start class and getting the kids’ attention. This is not a time to reason, plead or wish they would do what you say. You have to make getting their attention something that you always do.

In today’s episode, I am focused on the importance of getting the kids’ attention.


Here are my 5 Steps to Starting Class Right

  1. Know what you are going to do.

  2. Explain it to them

  3. Practice it

  4. Do it again

  5. Revisit

Here is an example of what that special piece of carpeting might look like.
Listen to Episode 42 and my talk with first-year teacher Melanie Knight to hear her talk about the carpet and other things. (She is now a 3rd-year teacher)


Enjoy working with the kids.

Thanks for listening.

Check out my interview with Ms Hair an elementary teacher who talks about deer antlers.

Episode 24: Teaching First Grade with Tonya Hair.

Check out info from Dr. Harry Wong on Gimme Five and other ways of getting the attention of your class.


Here is a Gimme Five Poster


Here are some thoughts about Call Backs


Also...Call Backs here.


Length - 17:24

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