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115: Classroom Management- Top 5 Classroom Procedures You Should Have in Place Now

October 14, 2016

Kids want and need to know how you do things.

You. The classroom teacher.


That is just one of the reasons why you should have procedures ready to explain to your kids on the first day of class. That way they know how you do things and what you expect.


Today I am talking about -

The Top 5 Procedures You Need to Have in Place in Your Classroom Now.

1. How you start and end class
2. How to transition between activities
3. If they need to use the restroom while in class what do they do?
4. If I am absent how do I know what I missed?
5. How do I turn in classwork or homework?

Often when a teacher struggles with classroom management it is actually a lack of procedures that stops the teacher from being successful.

As Harry Wong says, "The number one problem in the classroom is not discipline; it is the lack of procedures and routines."

When you have determined your procedures you have just begun because now you have to:
  • Tell the kids your procedures.
  • Practice the procedures.
  • Review the Procedures.
  • Practice Again.
It is tempting when creating procedures to confuse them with rules. Procedures are how you do things.

Here are some additional thoughts about creating your classroom procedures-

Keep them short.
Do not have too many.
Consistently observe your procedures.
It is a two way street. You must also follow your procedures.
Post the procedures where the kids can see them.

There are always other procedures that you may need to add, but determine what the most necessary ones that are needed in the beginning and put them in action.

Here are five procedures that I believe you need to put into action first:

  • How you start and end class.
  • How to transition between activities.
  • How to get permission to go to the restroom during class.
  • If I am absent how do I know what I missed?
  • How do I turn in classwork and homework? 
Take a look today and put them in action this coming Monday...Make Monday your do-over day!


Length: 18:18

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