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133: The ABCs of How We Learn with Dr. Jessica Tsang

February 27, 2017


Today, I am talking with Dr. Jessica Tsang, one of three authors of the book The ABCs of How We Learn (2016). 

The other two authors are Dr. Dan Schwartz and Dr. Kristen P. Blair. All three are colleagues in the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University.

I love this book for several reasons (by the way check out my video review of The ABCs of How We Learn)

1. Its easy to use and understand

2. Each section includes the How and Why the approach works

3. Most sections include the good and the bad of the approach (which truly is one of my favorite parts of the book)



Dr. Jessica M. Tsang

Dan_Schwartz_220.jpg  Kristen_Blair_200.jpg

Dr. Dan Schwartz                                 Dr. Kristen P. Blair


This could be an awesome tool for you. It is so easy to use. It is not necessary to read cover to cover. Look for the information that you want to know more about and go there. You will find that it is written in a wonderful way that let's you know why and how to use the strategy. It also has an incredible resource list at the conclusion of each chapter.

Like its title says, it is the ABCs. There is a chapter for A - Z. Each chapter even has a drawing of an animal that matches the letter. Nice.

Jessica talks about the research associated with the book, its purpose and what it is like writing a book with three authors. I had to ask. I think it is cool when colleagues work together to produce a book.

The ABCs of How We Learn would be a great tool to add to your professional library and instructional tool kit. 

I hope that you will check it out.


For more information follow these links:

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AAA Lab- The Graduate School of Education at Stanford University

Additional information about the authors:

Dr. Jessica M. Tsang

Dr. Dan Schwartz

Dr. Kristen P. Blair


Length: 26:49

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