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5 Reasons Why Teachers Need a Lifeline - 232

February 8, 2019


Classroom teachers need a lifeline from time to time.

A lifeline that we are typically familiar with is that rope and/or circular flotation device that is hanging on the fence at the local swimming pool. It may be that extra line that is carried by a hiker in case he gets into a tough spot. Maybe its that long pole with a hook on one end that hangs on a lifeguard's chair at the beach. These devices are all meant to pull someone out of trouble. Well, we need that for our teachers from time to time, too.

Ok, so it may not look exactly like a rope or a long pole or a flotation device but the lifeline I am talking about works pretty much the same way. In this case, though the lifelines are people (colleagues, peers, and more) seeking to help get the teacher out of the quicksand or the deep end of the pool or save him from the strong undertow. 

Next time we will discuss who these lifelines are, this time I am focused on why they are needed. Here are my...

5 Reasons Why Teachers Need a Lifeline:

1. Falling behind.

2. Not sure what to do.

3. Struggling with classroom management.

4. Peer interactions.

5. Parent interactions.  

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