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5 Ways That Teacher Lifelines Appear in Schools - 233

February 16, 2019


5 Ways That Teacher Lifelines Appear in Schools

From time to time classroom teachers require a lifeline. In the previous episode, I talked about 5 Reasons Why Teachers Need a Lifeline. Those reasons were:

1. Falling behind.

2. Not sure what to do.

3. Struggling with classroom management.

4. Peer interactions.

5. Parent interactions.

Today, I am sharing:

5 Ways That Teacher Lifelines Appear in Schools

1. Peers within the school.

2. Administration.

3. Colleagues in professional organizations and universities.

4. Colleagues connected through social media.

5. Colleagues connected through YouTube and audio podcasts.

Next time I will look specifically at the way a lifeline can work in a school.

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