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Attendance - 158

August 14, 2017


 Taking attendance is very important, but it shouldn't take you more than a minute or two. If it is taking you 5 or more minutes then you may be avoiding starting class.


3 Don'ts in taking attendance:

1. Don't take 5 or more minutes to figure out who is there and who isn't.

2. Don't let kids handle.

3. Don't trust your memory.


4 Do's in taking attendance:

1. Get it done.

2. Learn their names.

3. Create a way to speed up the process and not take away from instruction.

4. Insure that you have instructions for a substitute on how you handle attendance.


4 Main thoughts about attendance:

1. Learn their names.

2. Use seating charts.

3. Start class - get the kids "playing with the ball" - then take attendance during an activity.

4. Do not delegate this to a child.



Length - 21:43

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