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Barbara Blackburn & Rigor and Assessment in the Classroom - 186

March 9, 2018

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Dr. Barbara Blackburn returns to Teaching Learning Leading K12 to discuss her book, Rigor and Assessment in the Classroom.

What I like about the way Barbara writes is simply this: easy to understand, easy to use, and plenty of free resources to help you implement.

By the way, plenty of free resources is an understatement! She has a treasure chest full of support for you!

You can read today, plan tonight, and put into play in your classroom tomorrow.

The book is divided into ten chapters from Best Practices to Working Together to Improve Assessment in Rigorous Classrooms. Today, we focus on just a couple like Linking Instruction and Assessment to Improve Rigor (Chapter 3) and Grading (Chapter 8), as well as a couple others.

Lots to learn.

Thanks for joining us.

By the way...

Here is the special page for the discounts that Barbara talked about:



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Length - 55:17


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