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Episode 10! Dr. Lodge McCammon/Differentiation and Engagement part 1

February 11, 2014

This is our 10th episode!!! Yay!!!

Dr. Lodge McCammon was fun to talk with, so much fun that the conversation lasted close to an hour. We decided to break the interview into two parts. This is part one. 

Dr. McCammon is a former public high school teacher in North Raleigh, NC where he taught AP Econ and civics. He earned his PhD from NC State University in Curriculum Development. Many people might have come in contact with him through YouTube and his videos on Flipping the Classroom or through his very cool original songs about each of the states that he is currently producing and you can also see on YouTube. What an amazingly, talented educator!

The interview was conducted after he worked with teachers on creating activities to differentiate instruction and to engage the kids! He had the teachers involved and having fun while learning how to use his instructional practices. I think all were pleased, engaged, and ready to go try his ideas in their classes! 

It was a pleasure participating in his class and talking with him! 


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