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Episode 102: 3 Reasons Why Professional Reading is a Must

June 13, 2016


Ok, I know we all are busy and it is so easy to say, 

"You know I will gladly read something tomorrow, but today, I just need to do this." 

Come on, you know what I'm talking about. 
Just say no to that inclination. 
You need to be constantly learning if you are going to work with kids. 

Classroom teacher, building administrator, instructional coach, 
athletic coach, graduation coach, so forth and so on.

Reading is a must.

You must continually seek to expand your understanding of what works with kids at different ages.


Today, I am focused on my 

3 Reasons Why Professional Reading is a Must:

When we take time to read professional writings we are able to-

1. Address what we don't know.
2. Learn more about what we have some knowledge of.
3. Discover new information that can help us be better at what we already do.

Here are some great resources for professional reading:
* Some of these readings I have interviewed the author so look for a podcast link to hear the author and/or a YouTube link for a book review.

Audio Podcasts that can help with the lack of actual sit down reading time:


Time to read.

Time to Address, Learn, and Discover.


Length 21:03

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