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Episode 11: Dr. Lodge McCammon/Differentiation and Engagement, part 2

February 19, 2014

This is part 2 of my discussion with Dr. McCammon.  

If you haven't listened to Episode 10 (part 1), yet...I encourage you to start there first.

As we continue our conversation, Lodge states that the purpose of Flipping the Classroom is to make the teacher more efficient. The teacher creates short film clips to introduce or continue the lecture and thus, makes more class time for hands-on activities.

Listen to his awesome thoughts about there being an intersection between challenge and engagement... he shares his ideas on engaging the students who don't want to be in school at the same time as the teacher has to recognize their level for challenge...

We couldn't have completed our talk without spending some time with his ideas about music and the classroom...
Lodge is an amazing musician and I think that you will totally enjoy hearing him express his ideas about..

 "My passion is to bring the power of music right into the classroom, allowing (the kids) to be artists, again."

We had a great time recording this conversation...I know that you will enjoy listening! 

Have fun and check out Dr. McCammon on social media at the following links:

On YouTube search for Flipped Teacher Training as well as Lodge McCammon or follow the links below.

Also, visit his website:

Length of Episode 11: 

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