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Episode 19: Dr. Tim Elmore and Growing Leaders

April 28, 2014


Dr. Tim Elmore is the founder and the president of the non-profit organization, Growing Leaders.
Tim worked with Dr. John Maxwell who has spent many years teaching leadership skills to adults. Out of this experience of working with Dr. Maxwell grew "the desire to teach basic life skills and leadership skills to kids while they are still in school." Hence, the vision for Growing Leaders was born.
Tim and I discuss his ideas about changing the school house. He talks about Marching off the Map or being willing to do school differently.
He explains, "Our current school systems were designed for a past era..." and our teachers feel like "more is added to their workload every year." He notes that as a result many schools are in "maintenance or survival mode" where the teachers and administrators are "not willing to live on the edge." Tim creates a brilliant image of the difference between pioneers and settlers. The settlers are comfortable with being in one place, whereas the pioneer has to explore.
Tim states that we need to be EPIC in our classrooms and schools...


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He also explains the thought that..."Kids Google." Tim notes, "They don't need us for information, they need us for interpretation." 

Finally, Tim discusses the purpose of Growing Leaders and how it partners with schools and other organizations that serve children.

Tim was amazing to talk to! 

He is energetic and insightful! 

He has so many ideas that hit home. 


You can find out more about Dr. Tim Elmore and Growing Leaders at www.growingleaders.com. 

Best wishes!

Length 31:07

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