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Episode 27: Teaching Tip/ Learning the Kids’ Names

July 13, 2014


It is extremely important that the classroom teacher get to know and use the names of the kids. 

The children need to know that you know who they are. 

The better teacher has strategies for doing this as soon as possible. Whether it is the beginning of a new semester or school year, the better teacher takes time to learn and use the names of the kids.


Today, instead of an interview...it’s just me talking about getting to know and use the names of the kids.

What ways do you have for learning and using the names of the kids? 

Please share them with me. I would love to hear your ideas about this.


Take care.


Here are the links to the works by Deborah Meier.

The Power of Their Ideas by Deborah Meier

In Schools We Trust by Deborah Meier

Length 22:53

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