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Episode 28: Coaching-Supporting New Team Members

July 24, 2014


Every organization should have a way to support new staff members.

Induction programs are great but they are just one part of supporting new staff.

Everyone needs a coach.

It can’t be left to chance.


In this podcast I talk about the #1 reason for having a coaching program and the 5 components the coaching program should address.


I discuss why most coaching programs in schools fail and what can be done to make them work.

I hope that you will listen and take a look at your school. Do you have a program for coaching your new teachers or other staff? How about at the system level? Do you have a program in place where coaches work with your principals and others throughout the district? If not, why not? If not then get started! A good coaching program will help you keep good…no... great staff members!!!


As always, I hope that you will share with family, friends, and colleagues.

Here are links to articles that I talked about in the show.

Shaping School Culture: The Heart of Leadership by Terrence E. Deal and Kent Petterson

Making Sense of Social Networks in Schools by Terrence E. Deal

Get the Most Out of Executive Coaching by Steven Berglas

So What is Executive Coaching by Dr. Woody

The Coaching of Teaching by Bruce Joyce and Beverly Showers

Teaching How to Teach: Coaching Tips from a Former Principal by Shane Safir

In Search of a Metaphor for Coaching by Elena Aguilar


Length 36:30

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