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Episode 7: Dr. Joe Hutcheson and Thinking Maps

January 14, 2014

Thinking Maps is a national organization based out of North Carolina that focuses on equipping children “with the tools necessary to become successful thinkers, problem solvers, decision makers, and ultimately, lifelong learners.

Dr. Joe Hutcheson is the representative for Thinking Maps for the State of Georgia. He is a former teacher, assistant principal and principal at middle and high school levels. Joe is a dynamic speaker. His success in schools has made him an excellent rep for Thinking Maps. He actually used Thinking Maps in two different schools as well as in his personal life. According to Joe, “The power of Thinking Maps is that it helps children learn how to organize their thoughts.” He notes that “the maps are not worksheets, graphic organizers, or just a model where the child fills in the blank.”   Look for him talking about Google Dad and Google Mom…I’ll bet it makes you go…I think that’s me! Joe is engaging and fun to talk to! Enjoy!

You can contact him at jhutcheson@thinkingmaps.com and at (706) 818-5632 or go to www.thinkingmaps.com to learn more.

Length 29:45 minutes

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