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Episode 73: Team Building Tip-Hiring the Right People

October 11, 2015


Ask yourself these questions as you are building your team:

Who gets to be on this team?

Who are they as leaders?

Do any of them fix my weaknesses or have I only hired clones of me?

Have I found a catalyst?


Today, I look at John Maxwell’s thoughts about team building from page 77 of The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork.


John says, “A team needs a catalyst…winning teams have players who make things happen.” He also notes, “…there are three kinds of people who are on a team when the game is on the line…”


I hope that as you reflect on the words today that you will take a close look at your team or the one that you are building. Look closely at John’s comments and evaluate your choices. Use a magnifying glass and ask yourself if I have hired people who get things done or am I floundering with people who don’t want the ball when “the game is on the line.” 


I have found John’s words to be more than inspiring, but hauntingly true.


I hope that you will take them to heart in building your team. After all, a team is put together generally to accomplish some task not to sit back and wish something would get done or that somebody else would do it.


Thanks for listening!




Length: 7:46

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