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Episode 76: Going Google with Instructional Tech Coach - John Vaughn

November 2, 2015


Recently, I attended an Ed Tech conference with the purpose of taking in everything that was offered on what I call Going Google. In other words, learning from those ed tech gurus who were experiencing the shift from the Microsoft Office Suite to Google Docs. I had the chance to meet many great presenters one of which was John Vaughn, an Instructional Technology Coach with the Coweta County School System in Newnan, Georgia.
Coweta has made the switch to all things Google which means that John helps the staff learn how to use the many aspects of Google Docs. As John says, "From email to the Cloud and all things between." 

We had a great conversation as we talked about the challenges of switching and how he reaches out to support the needs of the staff in his school system. 

We also discussed the many reasons why it makes sense for a school or school system to go Google. 

John noted that one aspect of Google Docs that makes it a wonderful alternative is that it has "an easy learning curve."

Something that is truly amazing about Google Docs is that it allows for real-time collaboration on documents, forms, slides, etc.

John has many valuable suggestions and is extremely helpful with understanding how Google Docs work.

I hope that you enjoy our discussion and I challenge you to take the dive and Go Google!
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Have fun!
Length: 52:52

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