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Episode 77: Connecting with Parents

November 9, 2015


Ok, repeat after me-Parents are my Friend.

Today, I am focused on suggestions for connecting with parents of the kids you teach.


I call these suggestions:

Three Key Elements for Connecting With Parents

1.      Reach Out

a.      How about note cards?

                                                              i.      Say something nice at the beginning and find something throughout the year.

                                                            ii.      You can get post cards with postage from the Post Office or make your own.

b.      Use the Web

                                                              i.      Create a blog or website…post your notes, slides, you can even include audio

2.      Be personal and human

a.      Don’t hide behind electronic stuff

                                                              i.      Make a call

b.      Set up a meeting

                                                              i.      Face to face meetings will connect you to them

                                                            ii.      You are a human in person

c.       Stay away from email…too easy to say the wrong thing or send a negative tone.

3.      Don’t avoid contact

.      The sooner the better.

b.      Gets worse if you put it off.

c.       Most parents want to connect with you.


Take the time to connect with parents. It is well worth the effort.

Remember parents are your friend. 


Length: 14:20

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