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Episode 80: The Tickle File with Bob Cresswell

November 29, 2015


This is another leadership tip with Bob Cresswell.

Just as a reminder Bob was an amazing, successful high school principal for 18 years who was focused on creating a learning environment that was student focused. He is now an educational consultant who works with school systems on school improvement.

Today, Bob is talking about how someone remembers what she needs to get done.

Bob notes, “Holding timelines is important.”

As a result, we need ways of reminding us of when things are due. Bob suggests the need for using a tickle file-a tool that helps someone stay focused on deadlines.

Check out our conversation as Bob shares what a tickle file is and how it works.

This is great advice and if you put it to work, you will find yourself meeting those deadlines instead of begging for an extension.




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