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Episode 81: 5 Ways to Get to Kiss (Not what you are thinking about!)

December 8, 2015


Sorry to disappoint you but this is not a steamy romance advice column.

Instead, I’m talking about the idea of simplifying things. You know… K.I.S.S.

No not the 70s rock band who are almost in their 70s by the way, but Keep It Simple for Stupid.

Oops. Sorry. I used the “S” word.  

So let me instead say it this way, Keep It Simple for Steve.


I don’t know about you, but my eyes have a great chance of glazing over whenever someone gives me something to read that uses too many words with no pictures.

I stumble through documents that need a translator.


Giving me an instruction manual that is close to 100 pages, is just asking me to never read it and be inventive. I mean, do I really have time for this? “Real men don't need instructions!”

If I am asked (or required) to listen to a 45-minute program crammed into three and half hours (think about it J ) I am most likely  to nod off or only remember the number of ceiling tiles in the room.


Finally, if you want me to totally not understand what you want me to remember include graphs and charts that I just do not get. Bubble graphs and very extensive flow charts are some of my all-time favorites (Not!)

Before talking, presenting, purchasing, and publishing so forth and so on. I truly believe that if you want practitioners to listen to you, it is imperative that you take the time to revise, critique and edit…so that in the end you Keep It Simple for Steve!

Five Ways to Get to K.I.S.S.

Ask yourself these questions when revising, critiquing, and editing:

1.     Do I have too many words?

2.     Are there any pictures? ( images)

3.     Are my graphs/charts/pictures confusing?

4.     Does the reader need a translator or an interpreter to understand what I am talking about?

5.     Will the reader feel that there is not enough time for it?


If you ask yourself these questions before publishing/presenting, you are on your way to Keeping It Simple for Steve.

Here are some links for getting free royalty free images that will help.





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