Teaching Learning Leading K-12

Episode 82: Organize Your World with Lisa Woodruff

December 15, 2015

Lisa is the founder of Organize365.com

She is focused on helping you get control of your messes at home and at work.

Speaking of which, she has created a special printable for you as listeners to Teaching Learning Leading K12 go to Organize365.com/teachers

Lisa is a former public school teacher who worked with kids who were pre-school ages through 2nd grade as well as she worked for 4 years as a part-time computer teacher for grades 1st through 8th. Additionally, she has worked in a Montessori middle school, grades 6-8 where she taught math and science.


She is the mother of two children and understands what it is like to have family needs and other demands that create opportunities for papers to pile up.

Lisa says that she is a B.O. P or a Born Organized Person. (Wish I was…this is something that I truly have had to work at over the years.)

I asked her if she could help those of us who are B.T.M.P.P or Born to Make Piles Person.

Not only was the answer yes, but she has created systems in which all of the BTMPP’s out there can rejoice!!! Yea!!! There is hope!


By the way, I now have a lot of pressure on me to put Lisa’s advice into action. Look out piles-here I come!


Lisa explained her Sunday Basket strategy as well as her 40 Weeks Whole House Challenge

Learn more about how Lisa can help you at Organize365.com

Email her at Lisa@organize365.com


Connect with Lisa through

Facebook and her Facebook group



Don't forget to go to Organize365.com/teachers for your free printable!
Length: 38:40

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