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Episode 84: WriteWell App with Adi Thacker

January 12, 2016

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         Adi Thacker, CEO
We know how hard it can be to write - we've all been paralyzed by the blank page. But the truth is, everyone can write well - it's just a question of process.

Adi says that writing is something that he had always struggled with as a first generation immigrant to the states. The concepts for the app grew from his experiences.

The app is meant to help build confidence in the process of writing. It helps get the writer past the blank page and into the substance of long-form writing. 

Its main audience is grades 6-12. Parents and teachers will find this tool useful.
Adi notes that WriteWell is like using training wheels on a bike. 

It is meant to get the student to the point that she can gain the confidence to venture out on her own.

The app teaches the writer to write in chunks. These chunks are paragraphs that can be moved around on the screen. Check out a short video here. 

The chunks create the opportunity for the writer to go ahead and put ideas on the page. The new segment might actually be used later, or not all, but it gets the student to start.

The program also uses prompts that can help the writer begin.
A series of templates help the writer organize her thoughts so that getting started may be made a little easier.
Eventually, as the work is completed, the document can be exported as an MS Word file, a PDF file or as a Google Drive file.
I wish I had had this app when I was learning writing. It would have gotten me past  that first, blank page so much quicker. 

I think that you will immediately see the benefits and value of the WriteWell app. 

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