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Episode 86: Classroom Management-Consequences

January 26, 2016


You have your procedures and routines in place.

You have created your three to five class rules.

Now you need to make sure that you create possible consequences because you have to be prepared to address a student who makes a poor choice…


And it’s going to happen.

I encourage you to revisit Harry Wong’s, The First Days of School and Brian Mendler’s, That One Kid.

Look at the section where Harry talks about everything being about choices: good choices and poor choices and they each have consequences. He talks about adults changing their mindset so that the adult thinks in terms of penalties, not punishments.

When you read Brian’s words, you will discover that he has a little different take on consequences. Well worth your time, because he was the kid who would push you to push him out of the classroom.

Today, I am focused on my …

Six Considerations When Looking at Consequences

1.      It’s just between you and the student.

2.      Involve parents each time.

3.      Make it as immediate as possible.

4.      Try to handle everything yourself (except emergencies and know the difference.)

5.      Post your consequences but don’t back yourself into a corner.

6.      It’s not personal… so don’t let it get there.


Best wishes,


www.effectiveteaching.com (Harry Wong’s website)

www.brianmendler.com (Brian’s blog)


Length: 43:26

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