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Episode 9: Dr. Larry Cuban/ Implementation is the Weakest Link

February 3, 2014

Dr. Larry Cuban has been in education for over 5 decades! He earned his PhD at Stanford and is an Emeritus Professor in Stanford’s Graduate School of Education.

 He is the author of many books a few of which are: As Good as it Gets: What School Reform Brought to Austin (2010), Hugging the Middle: How Teachers Teach in an Era of Testing and Accountability (2008), The Blackboard and the Bottom Line: Why Schools Can’t be Businesses (2007), Tinkering Toward Utopia: A Century of Public School Reform (with David Tyack, 1997), Teachers and Machine: The Classroom Use of Technology Since 1920 (1986).

This interview took place on the campus of the University of Georgia this past fall. Dr. Cuban had just completed a key note presentation with an audience of Georgia educators and Graduate students from the University of Georgia.

Listen to him explain that what is the weakest link in school reform is the implementation.

He uses the metaphor of the hurricane to compare the political talk about school reform being like the swirling, turbulent winds at the surface during the hurricane and the calm at the bottom of the ocean being the implementation in the actual classroom.

He is very personable and I enjoyed our talk!

Take time to follow up with him on his blog. Check out his books, they are excellent!



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